Friday, June 23, 2006

How Sweet it is

Sweet William, that is.

Pink Sweet William growing through a smokebush

Sweet William growing against the rockwall

All of the Sweet William (dianthus)I have has reseeded from two packages of seeds I planted about 14 years ago.

Sweet William is not a perennial which surprises many people. It is actually a biennial, which means you plant the seed and you get only foliage the first year. The second year, you will get flowers. After flowering the plant dies. But not before it has dropped hundreds of seeds.

If it is happy, Sweet William will just keep reseeding and you will have it every year.

Remember the overgrown feverfew area I posted a few days ago?

Here it is after I pulled the feverfew out of the front area.


  1. I have lots of Sweet William and most of it comes up every year. I think it likes its cozy spot under my Japanese maple.

  2. I had lots of Sweet Williams growing at the back of the house years ago but now I only get a couple of plants that come up...will have to reseed I guess.

  3. My Sweet William is looking lovely too. It's such a pretty, cheery plant.


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