Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lychnis Coronaria

I had an empty spot here where something didn't survive the winter so I decided to move a few lychnis coronaria.

They are in full bloom, but I think they will survive the move just fine.

It is so nice when you finally get to the point in your garden where you have extras of just about everything. When you have a big bare spot, you don't have to spend a cent -- you just go dig up 4 or 5 plants from another area. These were in the woodland area and needed to be thinned.

If they don't survive the move, it's not a big deal. I will just pull them out and move another one.

Lychnis self sows like crazy. It is another biennial so all of these little ones will not bloom until next year.
I can move them now or wait until next spring (which is probably what I will do)

This afternoon DH and I worked on staining the lattice on the deck.

It's a real pain to do. It's a solid stain which is similar to paint, but the consistency of water. We do it with a small paintbrush.

We are sick of doing it every couple of years and are considering replacing it with the newer plastic stuff that you never have to paint.

We bought some local strawberries today.
I am off to have a big bowl of strawberry shortcake.


  1. I use to have lychnis that the previous owner planted. It's similar to Lamb's ear in leaf texture.
    Seeing your DH stain reminds me of all the staining that awaits me with the new windows. I have to do the living room soon as I don't have curtains up and it's just to public there if the lights are on.

  2. You and hubby have been busy! I like the lychnis. I don't have any of that. Hope it survives the move. I must do some plant moving too.

  3. I have to stain my deck again this year...did it 2 years ago...and I know what a chore it is to stain something! My neighbour bought some of that plastic lattice and it looks really good and the best part, she doesn't have to keep painting it:-) Mmmmmm...the strawberries are ready here too and I'll choose a day this week to go pick some at the strawberry farm. I make jam with them, freeze some whole and of course eat lots of freshly picked ones:-)

  4. I have tons of strawberries in the garden, but the squirrels get them just as they are perfectly ripe! ( Do you have any good ways to keep squirrels away that would not also be harmful to my cat harm my cat ???)


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