Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Campanula First Blooms

The Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata)

A very hearty reliable flower. Nice color, gives about three weeks of good bloom.

It's about 2 feet high and makes a great cut flower.

I like this one a lot.

(Canterbury Bells) Interesting shape, but the plant on a whole doesn't thrill me. This is the only one I have. Maybe with age, it will fill out and I will like it better.

Do not confuse these nice campanulas with the obnoxious weed, creeping bellflower. I wrote about it on June 16, 2005 if you want to go into the archives.

This yellow swallowtail was very cooperative staying within 12 inches of my lens for quite some time. She must have been drunk on the Sweet William nectar.


  1. I had never seen a Clustered Bellflower beautiful!! As for the Canterbury Bells, I had tried to grow some from seed a few years ago but they never took. The picture with the butterfly is perfect and I love Sweet Williams!

  2. Zoey,
    The campanula flowers are beautiful. I've heard of those before, I think my Mom may have had them..

  3. I love any flowers that are bluish in colors. These are so papery looking.

  4. I could get drunk on the perfume of the Sweet William. I love them and they're such a wonderful cut flower - not that that should be important to me since I hardly ever think to pick flowers and bring them into the house anyway.

  5. You have a very nice garden! I like the photo with the butterfly. My daughter knows a lot about them.



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