Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Star of Persia (Allium christophii)

Just beginning to open.

and 5 days later...almost all opened

Christophii is quite short, blooming at about 1 to 2 feet high. I like that.

I have had these bulbs 3 years. The first year the blooms were HUGE - like a foot across. Each year they seem to get smaller, which I think looks better than the gigantic balls they had in year one.

I am not really in love with christophii; I like Persian blue's tight head of darker purple much better.

Though not my favorite, Christophii's airy spidery head is an interesting additon to my little blooming onion family.

Here is the Christophii with the Persian blue and another taller variety (I can't remember which at the moment).

I really need to underplant them with something that will hide their foliage. Alliums are well known for presenting scruffy foliage at bloom time.


  1. I had never seen these flowers before although I had heard the name...they sure are different and I really like them! I've started buying gardening magazines and trying to learn all the different kinds of flowers!!

  2. You have identified a plant for me I saw at the hospital grounds and loved it.Star of....I must tell my daughter who has 1/2 an acre out back and she can
    grow them for my enjoyment! Thanks :)


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