Sunday, October 1, 2006

Go Tigers Go!

I am trying to post, but I got caught up in the Detroit Tigers game and it's in overtime...12th inning. The Tigers just left the 11th inning with the bases loaded....what an exciting game....Tigers must win to take the division.
I will try to post and watch at the same time.

I was so busy today moving furniture in the family room to the winter set up. I add more stuff in the winter (like the quilt in the corner) for a cozier feel.
OH NO! Kansas City Royals have the bases LOADED!.....looks like trouble for the Tigers....I don't think they have any outs.......OH NO, base hit........Royals take the lead.........

Anyway, here's my new family room arrangement. After I moved all the furniture I had a big bare spot in the corner, thus the quilt which is draped over a ladder. I'm feeling pretty smug about thinking of using the ladder. Now when I need to climb up and clean all the chickens on top of the cupboards, the ladder will be quite handy.

It's the first time I've had the loveseat angled in that spot

OH GAWD.....they just walked in another KC run........Looks like the Tigers are Toast.....

It was a lot of work moving all that furniture. Then I needed more black accents for the top of the entertainment center, so I rummaged the basement and found a basket and had to take it outside to paint it. Then I had to rearrange the junk on the shelves. I moved some stuff out and added others, like a few books, for the cozy, curl-up-in-the-snowstorm feelin'.

I also baked some English Muffin Bread today.

I love this stuff.

The inside is like an English Muffin. You must toast it. It's crunchy and delicious. I posted the recipe last fall. It's here if you are interested.

OH POO! Tigers just lost. BUMMER.


  1. Hope you didn't move all that heavy furniture with no help! Clever use of the ladder to display the quilt/fill the corner!

  2. Hi Sue,
    I move it myself all the time. I just sort of drag it...push a little, pull a little...eventually I get it to the other side. LOL.

  3. Zoey I like your family room I like the black swan on top of the TV cabinet I have a white almost like it.

    The bread looks delicous I'll have to try that too.

    Sorry your Tigers didn't win..I didn't know you were a baseball fan. Sometimes I get so upset watching Ky. games I have to leave the room.

    Take care,

  4. Mmm, that bread looks delicious! I'm not likely to make it myself though. Oh well. I'm sorry the Tigers lost.

  5. Awwww sorry your Tigers lost...but your living room sure looks great!! I'm like you, I move the furniture around by myself:-) That loaf sure looks yummy, will copy the recipe!

  6. MMM, English muffin toast with Apple Butter!

  7. Sorry the Tigers lost!
    Great job with the living room. Clever and creative you are Zoey!
    The bread sounds and looks delicious.

  8. Thanks, Pat. I am a "fair weather" fan. I only watched because they were playing for the division and I didn't start watching until the 8th inning.

    Karen, Why not make it yourself? You don't even have to knead this one. It's SUPER simple.

    Pea, Thank you. Somehow I just knew that you were the kind of girl who would be hauling that furniture around, too! LOL.

    Giddy, I bet that apple butter of yours would be so DELISH on this toast!

    Kerri, Thank you for the nice words.


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