Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Making Progress

DH and I worked on the deck for about an hour tonight and made a lot of progress. I can get things done so much faster when he helps me. My barrels are now empty.
I was not going to bother saving the ipomea (sweet potato vine), but when I dug out this one, just look at how many tubers it made!

The vine in the second barrel only had one decent size tuber. I decided I may as well throw them in a paper bag and save them.
DH emptied the six large hanging baskets were frogs living in 4 of them.

Look how rootbound they were

Looks pretty bare now, doesn't it?


  1. You can save ipomoea tubers? I threw so many away last year! I will try saving mine (if I get any) this year. What do you do to plant them? (Oh, I guess that info must be somewhere out there on the web. I'll have to go and do my research.)

  2. Your view off the deck is gorgeous. Such a nice place to sit and have a cup of coffee in the morning. The deck does look a little bare but I find that I actually like the look in the fall after all the flowers are gone I know its wierd but it seems kind of restful. You still have all of that wonderful color surrounding your property.

    Have a nice day,

  3. You certainly did get a lot done:-) I still haven't gone out to empty a lot of my containers...will try to get at them next week. I won't touch my flowerbed yet as there are still a lot of flowers in bloom in there...my clematis is in full bloom again! Lucky it's still alive with the frosty mornings we've been getting!!

  4. Have you ever managed to winter over the ipomoea? I've tried, but haven't been successful.
    You've been busy!
    It's sad when all the containers are emptied, but yes, time for a rest :)


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