Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Morning Ritual

Brush. Comb. Curling Iron. Gel. Hairspray. Big Mirror.

I cannot tell you how sick I am of using these items Every. Single. Day.

First I must curl every piece of my hair...yes, EVERY. SINGLE .PIECE. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

(Have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself in a mirror with a HOT curling iron affixed to your head? Not an easy task. I am not left handed, but I had to switch hands to get the picture)

Once I get every single piece curled, I bend over and run the brush through all the hair once--only once. I must be bent over at the waist. It simply does not work if I am standing upright.
From here on I use only my fingers to style. I rub gel lightly into both hands and run my fingers through the entire head of hair, sort of pulling and separating as I go along. I stop often to reload the gel.

Then I flip upright and begin the tedious task of pulling tiny little sections of hair through my gel- moistened fingertips. If it's a good day, I won't have to do this very long. If it's a bad day, forget it. I'm doomed to go to work with old lady hair. The stuff that looks like it's been teased into big fat rolls of curl. I'm going for the slightly messed up look.

You know the look that says you spent no time at all on your hair. You just jump out of bed, toss your head a bit and it magically falls into a tidy disarray looking all sexy and gorgeous.

Yeah. Right. I think it probably helps if you are under 30 years old to get that look.

I rarely have more than 15 minutes to devote to my hair so I go to work looking a little less sexily disarrayed than I'd like. :)

I am complaining to myself throughout the entire ritual -- oh, woe is me having to do this day after day.....yadda, yadda, yadda. I even complain to DH as he passes through. "How would you like to do this every day?", I feel like he is not exactly commiserating with my sorry lot in life. "All you have to do is dry that little bit of hair and out the door you go." What a sharp, evil tongue I have so early in the morning. The poor guy rushes past to get out the door.

Hey, what do you know? Today was one of the good days. I like how it turned out this morning.

Now I give it a very light spray of a wonderful freezing spray called Volumax. I can't live without it. It holds well and does not give a stiff feeling to the hair.

Once DH is gone and I separate the last tiny little piece into place, it hits me.

How dare I complain about having to do my hair every mornining when there are so many women who would give anything just to have hair. I feel humbled and ashamed as I vow not to complain ever again about styling my hair.

I was planning to show you a full head shot of the finished product. Unfortunately I looked too much like what I am....a 50-yr old woman on the verge of developing a double chin....needless to say, there will be no full head shot today!


  1. Well, the work pays off. Your hair looks good!

  2. Your hair looks good, but can't you get a perm to save yourself all that styling? That would drive me bonkers. I do have natural wavy hair, so you can hit me with a wet noodle if you'd like. ; )

  3. You have way more patience than I do with your hair! (Of course yours looks cuter too!)

  4. My pony tail is now a full 10 inches long and I love it. However, although it has been making life easier for me in the mornings, I'm going to cut it next year on my birthday (58) and donate it to Locks of Love. Guess I'll have to get the old curling iron out again for a while!

  5. Wow all of that makes me feel so lazy all I do to my chin length bob is wash blow dry and go.. But your hair looks very good.

    Will you go through this ritual when you retire?

  6. I used to get a perm every 3 months, but quit about 4 years ago. I always curled the perm anyway. I can't stand permed hair with nothing done to least on's frizzy and awful looking. ..and most people I see with permed hair who do nothing to, look like they have done nothing to it.

    My hair is in better condition in its natural state.
    I wish I could wear a straight style. I would LOVE to just wash and go, but I just can't.
    Before I had it cut last spring, I could pull it back and just curl the top. I am working toward that again.
    Will I do this when I retire? Hmmm...I suppose least on the days I leave the house. I could stay home for quite a few days in a row if I didn't have to work.

  7. Dianne, I just tossed that wet noodle your way!

  8. Heyyyy was that a wet noodle I just saw flying by me??? lol I had a perm only once in my life when I was in my 30's and I hated it. I've since let my hair grow long again and it has natural waves in it so I mostly just wash and let it dry. If I'm going out somewhere special I'll put curlers in to have hair that looks a la Jessica Simpson! lol

  9. I can't tell you how much I enjoy all your blogs and the's like hearing from good friends each day.

  10. Zooey, I thought I was the only one who does this routine every day! I hate it! but I absolutely can't step out of my house without it. You might like a product I found called Root Boost. It comes in a dark blue aerosol can and I can't live without it. I spray it on and come it through my hair before I blow dry. It kind of changes the texture of my hair to give it more substance...... Now I'm off to find your Volumax spray.

  11. comb. I meant comb it through my hair.

  12. Joy, I've found a kindred spirit! Here we both are thinking we are the only women in the world doing this day after day! LOL.
    Thanks for the tip. I am writing it down. Can you find it in places like Walmart?
    I don't know where you can buy the Volumax because my hairdresser orders it and sells it to me at just above her cost. I pay $9 for that big can. I imagine it will be quite a bit more than that if you find it in a retail store. It lasts for about three months, because I use just a little bit each day.

  13. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for that nice comment. I am so glad you enjoy stopping by.

  14. Zoey, I think your hair looks cool but how did you learn to do all that? I always thought that hairstyles like yours really were just "get out of bed and toss your head". I'm not quite so jealous now!

    If only we could get up in the morning and magically be ready to go to work without all the "stuff" we have to do. That's my dream.

  15. Zoey, you're such a girlie girl :) Your hair looks great. Very Meg Ryanish, but not so untidy. Hers always looks uncombed :)
    My MIL used to say, "I'm going to give you 40 lashes with a wet noodle if you don't shape up!"
    Nice remembering that.
    This was a fun post :)

  16. Out of necessity, lostroses! LOL.

    Kerri, Meg Ryan is EXACTLY what I am trying for. I just can never leave the house with it quite that messy looking. :)

  17. We'll have to ask, but I think they can set your hair on larger perm rods too or you get a body wave-or is that the same thing? If this is the case, you can just wash and use a diffuser and your fingers.
    I didn't mean a granny perm. ; )

  18. No way...
    If I had to do all that, I wouldn't leave the house before noon!


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