Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Ultimate Compliment

I've been feeling good all week because of this anonymous comment left on my post about 1000 posts:

I have probably read all 1,000 of your posts, too. In some ways you remind me of Celestine Sibley (journalist/author) who saw living as art and wrote about it so well. I thought of you yesterday, when I had the back hatch full of violas, gourds and pumpkins from the Farmer's would have taken a picture.

And indeed I would have taken a picture of that as well as the display I made with all of it. LOL.

I have learned that a post can be made out of just about any little daily activity. I like to blog about my real life, just the mundane things that happen every day. I don't think I'm much different than the majority of you out there. It's all those little seemingly dull moments that make up the whole of our life. I like to celebrate them. If I waited to blog about the "big" events, I'd make a post every five years or so.

It makes me very pleased if there are a few people in this vast world who enjoy reading about my piddly little adventures.

I had not heard of Celestine Sibley. Of course, I looked her up on the net and found tons of information. I am planning a trip to the library to get one of her books. Of course, I'll likely post about it after I read it!

Thank you, anonymous for making my day............make that my week! I really hope that by stopping by here, I add a bit of pleasure to your day.


  1. That's so sweet to get a comment that makes you feel your blogging is meaningful to someone.
    I also enjoy all your "everyday" type posts and wonderful pictures...

  2. Well, your anonymous commenter put into words what a lot of us feel, I guess. Except about Celestine Sibley. I've never heard of her before and now I'm going to have to look her up too.

  3. How cool, Zooey! If someone compared you to Celestine Sibley it absolutely was a compliment...she used to write about all sorts of subjects, including gardening in Atlanta, Georgia. The columns used to be syndicated in the North so I'd get to read them once in awhile, but could only find her books at the library in those pre-internet days. I hope you enjoy her writing.

    One thousand posts are like one thousand columns - congratulations on that, too!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. What a sweet comment, which is all true-too bad she didn't leave her blog for us to check out. : )

  5. I think this best describes "our" Celestine.

    Her columns were a delight to me and until I found PP there had been a huge void. Big shoes, I know, but you have her zest for life.


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