Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got My Bulbs Planted This Afternoon

and couldn't resist a few more pictures. DH cut the grass while I planted bulbs. I went to get the camera to take pics of where I planted everything. If I don't take pictures, I will forget by tomorrow. While photographing the planted areas, I realized that I still had some nice scenery. With a little stragetic camera positioning, I came up with these:

The butterfly bush is still putting out blooms (though quite small blooms).

I took this through the wagon wheel in the opposite direction of how I took the summer pictures.
This is way down at the far end of the rockwall.

I liked the vibrant red of the burning bush with the orange of the maple trees. By now you all know how I love red and orange together!

And this one I took just 10 minutes ago when I walked in from the garage and noticed what a beautiful view I had right out the kitchen window.


  1. Absolutely stunning!! You still have so much colour around you...over my neck of the woods the trees are now completely bare and the flowers are all done. It looks so dark and dreary...this is when I actually look forward to the snow to lighten up the place! lol Love that shot from your window!!

  2. Your trees are gorgeous. Our ground is just so dry! (You can see on today's post!) I love the view from your window!

  3. Oh, such nice Fall photos. Looks like you had a perfect day to plant bulbs.

  4. Beautiful in the summer even more stunning in the fall. Once again I would just love to wake up to that every morning. TWT

  5. Beautiful shots! I love this time of year.


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