Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What can you make with Romaine lettuce, pecans, dried cranberries, sliced banana?

My very own banana salad. It makes a fine light dinner when you are eating alone, like I did last night.

I like it drizzled with this salad dressing:
3/4 cup oil
3/8 cup vinegar (I like rice wine vingegar, but any will do)
2 tsp. soy sauce
1/3 cup sugar (I use slightly less)

Put everything in a jar with a screw top lid and shake vigorously until well mixed.


  1. That looks like something my husband would enjoy. I'll let you know how he likes it!

  2. Wow I never would have thought of putting a banana in a salad!! I've written this down and will try it one day...romaine is the only type of lettuce I love:-)

  3. Zoey you have the most yummy and interesting recipes. Like pea I would never have thought to use a banana in a salad, in fact I am a cookbook junkie and I don't think I've ever seen banana used this way. I will give it a try one day. The vinagerette would be a nice compliment to the sweetness of the banana. Love cranberries and pecans. It's like a healthy banana split without the ice cream. TWT

  4. That is an interesting salad! Don't you get hungry just eating salad without protein? I can only eat salads for din din if they have shrimp or grilled chicken(etc) in them.
    Bananas-no. I can't even imagine the texture with leaf lettuce. You'll have to submit the recipe some place. : )

  5. Zoey, I had to try this salad I've been wanting something different and this fit the bill. It was great the salad dressing is what I think brings it all together It was delicous. Thanks

  6. Pat,
    Thank you! I am so thrilled that you liked it.
    It's all my own recipe. Even the salad dressing, which is my favorite dressing for any lettuce salad that has fruit in it.

  7. TWT,
    Banana Split Salad, I think I like that name!

    Dianne, If I get hungry, I just snack all night long. :)

    Sue and Pea, I hope if you try it, you let me know what you think.


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