Monday, October 16, 2006

Do I Dare Mention the "C" Word?


Today I received my first Christmas magazine (Romantic Homes).
Last Friday while shopping at Walmart, I bought these cute ornies. I am really into the food theme - suckers, candy, gingerbread men. When I saw these, I just could not resist. I can't just buy one either. I am a firm believer in using a lot of the same decoration to give continuity to the tree. If I had just one of those suckers, it would be lost among the other things. I really would have liked about 6 more of them, but I bought all they had.
Do you all realize that decorated Christmas trees will begin appearing in less than a month?

I know you all want to slap me for bringing it up, don't you?
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  1. Lol funny you should say you received your first Christmas magazine today...I bought my first one today! Love your candy decorations you picked up at Walmart...can't wait to see your tree all decorated:-) It's almost scary how fast Christmas is just over a month I'll be starting to decorate! Gulp!!

  2. I saw my first "holiday tree" for sale a week ago. It was in my grocery store and I was carrying a pen with me to cross things off my grocery list. I felt like scribbling on the boxes and writing "Christmas" instead.

    But I didn't do that.

  3. No Zoey I won't as I will also be thinking Xmas decorations as soon as Halloween over! I begin w/ the dining room and work my way through the house.I like to use live know branches pinecones nuts etc. Your theme w/ candy will be most delicious looking!

  4. No, to the title, and yes, to the last question!
    Cute ornaments!

  5. Our weather here in Illinois today, goes well with the Christmas theme. It was cold and has rained all day and is still raining!! I know we need the rain, but the cold is going to have to go. I can't even get used to the idea of Halloween almost being here already.
    Those decorations are cute! I don't know if this has ever been done before, but someone should start a "Parade of the Trees". I 've seen this on other blogs, like "Tour of Homes" We could all show off our trees! Don't I sound all energetic at 10 o'clock at night.

  6. I love the Christmas magazines. I just had my fill of the Halloween issues. You know I'll be decorating my new window this year. Not sure what, but my shelves in my basement are overflowing.
    Your fudgey cookies look so chocolatey!

  7. YUM! Fudgy cookies. They were the first cookies I ever made way back when I was about 6.
    As for the "C" word, Giddy is the original Grinch when it comes to the holidays. I have two small tabletop Christmas trees which my mother made in her ceramic days. I decorate mainly for the critters outside with lots of seeded pine cones, suet and peanut butter balls, etc.

  8. I think pmo3ws has a great idea! I know I'd love to see everyone's tree. What do you all think?

    Giddy the has a certain ring to it....LOL AFter you read about everyone else decorating, I bet you will get in the mood to put up a real tree, too!


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