Sunday, October 8, 2006

Autumn Splendor

I have been all over this weekend taking pictures ... a cemetery, a couple of lookout points, a lighthouse, bar, restaurant, and even made DH stop the car a few times so I could get out and take pictures.

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I will tell you more about it in future posts.

For now here is some beautiful fall color in Michigan.

This is a lookout stop in upper lower Michigan, about 30 miles from the Mackinac bridge. There are not a lot of hardwoods in this spot, so the color is sparse.

This is a golf course. We did not golf, I just walked around and took pictures.

I really did not see many reds, so when I saw this way up near Sault Ste. Marie, I snapped the picture.
And this..........oh, it was breathtaking! This is one spot where DH stopped and I walked down that little dirt path and found the red ones above off to the right. That road sign says that the road narrows to one lane, which it did just beyond these trees.
There was a short, sometimes scary ride. There was a drop off to the lake on the right side of the road. When a car was coming at you, you had to get way over to the right and yet not too far or you would drop off into the lake!

Ah, but it was worth it to arrive at this lookout point!

Way across the water is Canada.

On the opposite side of the road was the cemetery. I will post a little more about that later.
Right now I have to finish unpacking.


  1. Zoey,
    The fall colors are spectacular! Of course we never see anything like that here! Thanks for sharing with us...

  2. Zoey - what beautiful photos - the colours on the trees are magnificant. Thank you for sharing. You live in such a beautiful part of the world.

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more. We just have a little bit of color happening here-the flowers still look good. : )

  4. Did you see me wave from the other side?? lol What gorgeous scenery you got to take pictures I can see why people would love to take the Agawa Canyon Train Tour in Sault Ste Marie with scenery like that!!! Absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, our trees are almost bare now, the leaves are mostly on the ground.

  5. Pea,
    Believe it or not, I did think of you while I was looking toward Canada!

    Last month when I made reservations for this weekend, I had considered the Soo Agawa Canyon Train, but reservations must be made very far in advance to get on it for a fall color tour. Maybe someday.....

    Hi Sue, Calidore, and Dianne. So nice to see all of you!

  6. Beautiful shots! Your color is much brighter than here, and we have lost lots of leaves already. Sounds like a great weekend.

  7. Gorgeous scenery, I would love to see all of Michigan DH took me to Tawas Bay one time thats the farthest north I have been:)

    I'm looking forward to the rest of your pictures.


  8. Sandy, I think this was the prime weekend for color for us. The leaves will probably be gone by next weekend.
    Pat, you were very close to where I live if you were in Tawas Bay! What a small world.

  9. What spectacular colours! Especially the one with the lane through the trees and how sad that Hattie died so young.
    I`ve been wondering the same about Beta Blogger. I`m a little scared to switch.

  10. Yes it is a small world my DH went to middle school and high school in MI. He lived in Elsie and Prescott His father worked for Green Meadows Dairy for a while.

  11. That top one is a perfect shot of our state, tho. Beauty.

  12. You sound like me...I stop and take pictures while driving to and from work, or wherever. We don't have a lot of red here either this fall, so I'm especially eager to snap pics when I see a touch of it.
    These pictures are wonderful Zoey. Thank you!!


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