Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Little Fall Color Right in my Own Backyard

I had to snap a few shots yesterday even though it was cold and rainy outside. We are predicted to get some snow today and high winds, so the leaves will probably be gone by the weekend.

I received my capachino tango lilies from Breck's and planted them on Monday.

I am STILL WAITING for my bigger order of red lilies, hardy glads and those three big stinky v i a g r a lilies.
I really wish I had not ordered those. Sometimes I am gripped by some evil spirit that makes me do such things! If you can't remember what those lilies are, here is my original post.

Sorry to cut the post so short, but I have to get to work.

That darn job is interfering with my blogging time! I don't even have time to recheck this before posting. Hopefully I have no glaring errors.


  1. It's no wonder I love the Autumn season so much...what beautiful colours in your own yard!! Our trees are mostly all bare now, hardly no colour left at all. Today it even snowed...BAH HUMBUG!

  2. That top photo is particularly gorgeous. I think fall is nature's way of conning us into accepting winter. :-)

  3. Your fall colors are lovely. It's all pretty much still green here with just the slightest little color changes.

  4. Gorgeous colors in those trees Zoey. Ours are mostly gone now...just a little patch here and there. It is a shame the lovely colorful period is so brief...but yes, it does make us appreciate the beauty that much more.


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