Tuesday, October 10, 2006

40 Mile Point Lighthouse

Our last adventure over the weekend was exploring this lighthouse near Rogers City, Michigan.

With its exceptionally long coastline, Michigan quenches a lighthouse aficionado’s thirst for these beacons of the night. The state of MI supports lighthouse preservation with a grant program, providing restoration funds for volunteers who painstakingly repair these structures.

This lighthouse station was built in 1896. It is still a working lighthouse that is now automated. It is owned and maintained by the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society.

As soon as you enter the house, you are in this little kitchen, which has been stocked to resemble an earlier era.

My husband had a hoosier cabinet very similar to that white one in the house he rented before I married him. I really don't think I would like to cook on an old woodstove like that. Can't you just imagine all the work involved in making dinner in those days?

We were allowed to climb up 53 tiny winding metal stairs to get to the light on the top of the tower which is 52' high.

The light was so important to navigation that it could never go out during the summer navigation season. If it was ever extinguished —no matter what the reason, the keeper could be fired.

This is the view of Lake Huron from the tower.


  1. OH the view from the tower is so beautiful. Judging the pictures you really had a wonderful weekend.

    I love the little kitchen it is so cozy,but I will keep my electric stove.Not fond of chopping wood:)Love the hoosier too.

  2. The view is lovely! So nice to see the colors of the lake and the trees!
    That kitchen would be called very cozy. My Grandma always cooked on a woodstove at the cabin. She seemed to really enjoy it and food tasted wonderful!

  3. I've always loved visiting lighthouses, especially the ones on Manitoulin Island which borders Lake Huron. Love all the pictures you took inside of it...yes, cooking would have been a bit of a chore but so very delicious cooked on a wood stove like that!

  4. Lighhouses and beautiful water vistas - Michigan and Maine share some wonderful things! Your trip photos are beautiful. Our color is past peak now and with the rain and wind forecast for later this week, I think the leaves will all be down.

  5. What a delightful post about your visit to the lighthouse. I really like your chosen perspective in that first photo. The grass is taller than the lighthouse. Oh, and the lake is beautiful! When I was a kid I used to be able to see Lake Ontario out of my bedroom window. I really miss that sometimes.

  6. This is a neat post! Love your photos.
    I saw something on the travel channel the other night about a haunted lighthouse in Presque Isle. That is close to you, right?

  7. I didn't know Presques Isle had a haunted lighthouse! There are two in Presque Isle. They are both only a few miles from this one. It would be neat to visit the haunted one on Halloween!


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