Saturday, October 14, 2006

Deep Cleaning, Fall Cleanup and an Old Wine Rack

I woke up to a little snow cover on this cold fall morning.

While I waited for it to melt, I did some inside cleaning. Since I was gone all last weekend, I had a lot to catch up on. I scrubbed floors, dusted, vacuumed, changed the bed linen and washed the bedroom wall after I noticed how badly it needed it when I was stripping the bed.

During the fall and winter, I have about 9.5 productive hours in a day (5:30am to 3:00 p.m.). As the sun goes down, so does my energy level. Since I am at work until 3:00 p.m. on weekedays, my productive time is spent. When I get home, the most I want to do is get a quick dinner ready and clean up the kitchen.

I have no dishwasher.

I hear you all gasp!

LOL. I had a dishwasher many years ago and really never found it all that wonderful. I always did all the tough pots/pans, etc. by hand anyway. I can wash all the dishes, dry them and put them away much faster than it takes a dishwasher to wash them. Anyway, I've strayed from my point, which was that I have a lot of housework to do on the weekend.

About 11:00 a.m. the snow had melted and I went out to cut off all the canna leaves and dumped the rest of the annuals. I put all the sweet potato tubers in a paper bag (just like Giddy said in her comment). I will overwinter them in the crawl space which is cooler than my basement. I really never have much success overwintering them because I never bring them out early enough to get going. Giddy said she brings hers out in Feb., which is probably what I should do, but I probably won't. I really have no place to put pots of stuff in my house. So I wait until May and since they take forever and a day to come up, I end up buying more for my containers rather than waiting until August for the first leaf to sprout. I am saving these just to stick them in the ground someplace and see if anything happens. The ones I stuck in the ground this year never even came up.

I also cut down about 4 wheelbarrow loads of perennials.

I deep cleaned my crocs with a toothbrush and Bar Keeper's Friend. Is there anything that Bar Keeper's Friend will not clean?

Now I can use them during the winter to run out to the garage and down to the basement.

Last night I went to JC Penney and bought some new hand towels for the bathroom. They had a 50% off sale.

Who has an old wine rack that is never used?

I have an idea that may appeal to some of you.

Use it as a holder for extra towels in your bathroom.

(You will have to go to the post below to see the picture since Blogger would not allow me to put it in this post. )


  1. Zoey, you have way more energy than I do - I'm in awe of all the things you accomplish on your time off. I was wondering if you got any of that snow. We are still waiting for the first hard freeze. I still have impatiens blooming and they are always the first to go with any frost.

  2. Holy cow! I wish I had your energy today :(
    Love the quilt and you hiding amongst it lol
    That tablecloth goes perfect with your dishes and what a great idea for the wine rack!


  3. Have you brought your cannas out for 2007, yet, Zoey?
    I haven't grown cannas in the north, yet, but I don't want to have gone thru all this trouble for a few spindly leaves!
    I want big Southern like Cannas!!


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