Monday, October 9, 2006

Mission Hill Cemetery

Directly atop Mission Hill and across from the Spectacle Lake and Lake Superior lookout shown below, is a very peaceful and serene setting for a cemetery.

Many of the graves here are well over 100 years old, like this unattended site of a 20 year old woman named Hattie. I first spotted the finial lying on the ground and went over to snap a picture. I suspect it simply fell from age and was very surprised that vandals had not picked it up.

I snapped this engraving rather quickly (just to have the name)and did not realize what a poor job I had done until I had it on my computer screen. I then realized there was a touching engraving from the husband at the bottom:

Tis hard to break the tender cord,
When love has bound the heart
Tis hard, so hard to speak the word

Unfortunately I did not get the last line.

Now I will have to go back to find out what it says!

I also noted that I did not see any other graves next to Hattie. I wonder what happened to the grief-stricken husband? I would guess he found another wife, raised a family and was buried in some other plot.

How interesting it would be to find out more about the person behind the name on the tombstone.


  1. She was so young, only 20 yrs old. Here is the rest of the engraving:
    'Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words we must forever part.'
    I found more info on Mission Hill Cemetery:

  2. Sandra, Thank you! How did you know that? Is it a common tombstone engraving?
    I think I saw that site last night. I am not sure, so I will check it out. Thanks again!

  3. I wonder what she died of? Would it have been childbirth? Or maybe it was consumption, or one of those other diseases we never hear of anymore. Graveyards contain many mysteries.

  4. That was a fairly fancy marker, so I'd say they had some money. Probably the husband remarried and is with his second wife and/or children.
    He did love Hattie a lot though-so sweet.

  5. I Google anything/everything to find info. I just typed the words to the verse you had and came up with the words for a loved one. There is also an ending for a deceased child. Very interesting. Also, the Mission Hill site is a listing of all the ones buried there, which, of course includes Hattie. Kewl, huh?

  6. I love walking through old cemetaries and looking at the headstones to see what is written. It's so amazing the info you can find on the internet:-)


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