Saturday, September 30, 2006

Salty Oats

Early this afternoon I was watching FoodTV's, Recipe for Success and there was a program about a lady who started a cookie business in Washington, DC selling oatmeal cookies topped with salt. She called her cookies "Salty Oats".

I love the salty/sweet combo and thought I would google and see if there was a similar recipe out there that I could try. I hit paydirt on the first site and found this recipe. It's not her recipe, but the recipe of someone attempting to recreate the cookie.

They were very easy to make. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of rice flour, but I just used all-purpose and it worked just fine.

I've never had the real "Salty Oats", so I can't say if these taste the same. All I can say is that these are very good.

If you make them, don't skimp on the salt on the top. I did not lightly sprinkle. I dumped some Kosher salt on a plate and pressed the cookie top into the salt. Then I pressed it down with the bottom of a measuring cup. Like this

After a little more searching, I found the website where you can purchase the real thing. The cost? $14.95 + shipping for 6 cookies. WOW! One batch made 18 large cookies for me. If you want to buy them you can find the site from FoodTV.


  1. I would have never thought of putting salt on top of oatmeal cookies. They do look good and they must be a hit somewhere for $14.95 for 6!! Yikes~~

  2. The recipe sounds like the oatmeal cookie recipe that I use, so perhaps all I need to do is to press salt on the top of each cookie.

  3. Zoey, those cookies look delicous. I will have to give them a try. Wow 14.95 for 6 must have some gold dust mixed in the batter. Is that some sort of liner on your cookie sheet?

    Have a good day,

  4. That looks very delicious. I also make little cookies from oates, but not salted. But - I do not like raisins.


  5. Pat,
    That is called a Silpat liner. Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) sticks to it. It a silcone liner and I love it. You don't have to oil the cookie sheet at all.
    All silicone liners are not created equal. I have some other cheaper ones that I don't like very much at all.

  6. I just found this recipe... I work next to Teaism in Penn Quarter (DC) that sells these for $2 each... they are worth every penny... I'm so excited and hope that my own taste like the real thing!


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