Sunday, October 22, 2006

I had a little extra time over the weekend

So I built a gazebo

with my computer landscaping program that I've had for years and never use.
I've always planned to put a roofed structure here. I want a place to sit in the rain.

I tried it out in a few different seasons just to see if I liked it.

I like it. Even DH liked it.

I also tried it out down at the end of the main gardens. I like that, too. Maybe I can get two built? Fat chance of that since we don't really know how to build a plant trellis let alone a real structure.

This one is too far away anyway. I am actually thinking of a covered swing down here. That silly landscape did not even have a swing!


  1. Very cool! When my husband built the arbour bench we (that is, I) searched online to find plans for what we wanted, then ended up buying a book instead. Many of the books we looked at had detailed instructions for building different structures, even gazebos.

    Alternatively, most places have a few independent contractors who are looking for work like that. You could hire someone to build it for you.

  2. I wonder if you have the same one I do, by Sierra? I could never get it to behave for me, and gave up in frustration. It definitely wasn't intended for anyone with an irregularly shaped or large property. I think there was a part that used your own photos, but I didn't have a digital camera when I bought it, so I never used that part.

  3. I do like it at the end of the garden, but if it's too far away, you may not use it. It sure looks like it is suppose to be in either photo! I have a little glider swing which I like.

  4. Karen, DH can do this stuff IF he has someone advising him. He has a brother who is very good. He and his brothers built the deck.

    Kathy, Yes, it is Sierra Custom LandDesigner. They don't even give you an instruction booklet. I hate that. You have to print it out if you want it.

    Dianne, I have a neighbor who built my large arbor. He is good and I have been thinking about asking him to build a covered swing. I am sure it will be expensive, but he does quality work. The arbor he built for me is SOLID. The one I purchased from a local nursery that advertises that the Amish build their arbors is a piece of junk. I guess you get what you pay for.

  5. The program didn't have a swing! I always thought a garden program would be fun to play with, but the makers might not know anything about real home gardeners... don't we all want a swing?

    The gazebo does look pretty cool in your garden.


  6. It sure is pretty wherever you put it! Sounds like a fun program. No swing indeed! Well I never! Yes, a covered swing would be lovely in your garden. I can see you relaxing there with a magazine. You do sit still occasionally, right? :) Well, yes, at the computer!
    We're lucky Murphy is so sweet-natured. Those paws could be murderous on a mean cat :)
    Your muffins look scrumptious. I love apple anything! I'm smelling the delicous odors! Mmmm...


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