Thursday, October 19, 2006

Putting Canna Rhizomes to Rest

It's not a very nice day here today. Even so, I went outside after work and finally got my cannas put to bed. I wanted to get them in before it rains again.

These are the cannas I dug out of my 1/2 whiskey barrels last week. I used the hose to remove the soil.

Then I put them in the garage for a week to thoroughly dry. If the weather had cooperated, I would have just let them sunbathe for a day.

They were nice and dry today, so I put them in a labeled grocery bag.

This is the first year I have gone to so much trouble to store cannas. I had to dig them out because the whiskey barrels are too heavy to store in my crawl space. It will be interesting if they survive.

What I usually do is so much easier!
I just cut the foliage back and stick the entire container in the crawl space.

Here they are in their winter home. This is the crawl space I keep talking about. It's huge (you are only seeing about half of it here. The other side is full of containers).

It feels good to be done putting all the canna, callas, and dahlias to bed.


  1. Did you ever find the wheeled carts for your whiskey barrels? Those are so heavy to move otherwise!

  2. You know, Sue, I forgot about those. DH and I looked them up on the net. We were going to order a couple, but never did.

  3. Zoey, I do this to my cannas every fall and keep them in an unheated part of my downstairs which does not freeze. About February, I pot them back up and by June, they are about a foot tall and I transplant them outside either inground or in pots. Good luck!

  4. I'm glad I can leave my cannas in the ground just mulch them real good. My crawl space isn't as big as yours thats really a nice place to store things.

  5. I'm hoping to try some cannas next year. I loved the ones at the Cornell Plantations. My mum used to grow beauties in Australia.
    I need to dig up my dahlia. Thanks for reminding me!


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