Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I've Been Very Busy at Work Lately

We did an autumn-themed wedding at the hotel last weekend. I really like fall weddings.

I guess I am not the only one who likes them. In a 8-day span we are doing 4 weddings. One is on a Friday night and one is on a Sunday night (very unusual). My boss took these pics. I thought they did a nice job decorating on this one.
This was the head table.

cake table and gift table.

I thought the cake was unusual and very pretty.

Today we had a fashion show for 200 ladies. The theme was "Hats Off to the Past".
They were modeling clothes from bygone eras and they all wore hats from that era. I didn't really get to see many of the outfits because I was busy at my desk. (that's me, hard at work booking more functions. :) I didn't know the boss took this picture)

I did think the room looked nice and went in to get a few pics before it started. They had a delicious-looking lemon cake for dessert. I thought our dessert person did a nice job decorating it with the simple lemon slice and lime zig zag on the bottom.


  1. I love the chocolate and white wedding cake! Fall decorations seem so warm and cheery!

  2. I had never seen a wedding decorated for Fall before and it's just GORGEOUS!!! I love the cake also, everything is just so perfect! That fashion show also looks like it was beautifully the way the clothes are on display in between the tables! You certainly do look hard at work:-)

  3. My daughter was married a year ago Thanksgiving was perfect and for the centrepieces we used seasonal flowers hydrangeas queen annes lace ..oh it was beautiful!
    Get out those scarecrows they've been patiently waiting all year..get into the spirit!The kids love to see them as they pass by!

  4. Both those cakes look good. It is right before supper, a bad time for me to be seeing food!

    Fall is my favorite season anyway. A fall wedding would be perfect. Too bad I am already married.

    Are those lights under the table or on top?

  5. What stunning table decorations and settings your place of work has done for the wedding and the parade. Simply beautiful.

  6. I love the lights on the front of the tables, the cake and seeing the photo of a busy Zoey!

  7. That Lemon cake looks beautiful and lemon is my favorite! What a gorgeous way to present it.



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