Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rainy Day Food TV Musings

It's a rainy, cold day today. I can't do anything outside. I made a big pot of chili this morning and did some cleaning. I've cleaned about all I'm going to for this weekend.

I also went to Walmart and loaded up on all the necessities I was out of.
Joy, I was looking for that "Root Boost" you mentioned, but could not find anything in a dark blue aerosol can. Could you tell me what company makes it and where you buy it ?

Now I am watching FoodTV while I'm blogging. It just happens that Nigella Feasts is on. I have never seen Nigella Lawson before, though I have read about her. I understand she is very well known and highly acclaimed in foodie circles.

I have been watching about 10 minutes and already I've found one thing I don't like. It's the same irksome habit I see in most TV chefs. They are always playing in the food with their hands.

She's put the salad dressing on a big bowl of salad and then begins tossing it with nice tossing utensils. Way to go, Nigella. I like that.

Then she says, "Oh, who am I kidding? It's much easier to use my hands."

And she sticks both hands into the salad which is already full of sticky salad dressing. It turns my stomach. Does she not know the crud that lives under fingernails?

As long as I'm airing my peeves, here's another one. These same chefs are always tasting their creations and not getting a clean spoon for each taste. Paula Deen is one of the worst. I once watched her tasting hot soup. It was so hot it made her jump back and some of the soup fell from her mouth right back into the pot!

I kid you not.

I almost had to turn the channel after that one.

I am tempted to send a case of sanitary latex food gloves to FoodTV.


  1. Come to CA! Sunny and beautiful here!
    It makes my stomach cringe when I see them lick their fingers and then continue on with what they were cooking!

  2. Yes I have noticed how some of the chefs lick their fingers and then go back to mixing, it does turn your stomach.

    I made the apple muffins,and they turned out GREAT!! they are so good (already ate one) Love that crunchy sweet topping. Very very good. Thanks for another great recipe. Ya go anymore muffin recipes lying around? :)
    Oh and they do smell wonderful.

  3. Sue, warm, sunny CA sounds pretty good right now!

    Pat, I am so glad you enjoyed them.

  4. Aren't chefs allowed to do that though-the five second rule? If the soup was that hot, the germs didn't stand a chance.
    Doesn't our Curtis use those long fingers in everything he makes? ; )
    My husband bought me a Nigella cookbook a few years ago. I didn't ask for it-I think he liked the way she looks. I opened the cookbook-how to boil an egg or something super easy-it's gathering dust. I should sell, but I would hurt Bri's feelings.

  5. Here is something gross-a late family member of mine use to lick her fingers while she dished out the food to serve us! So I'm guessing Paula is suppose to be like a loved family member and you would eat anything, double dipped or not.
    I can't help but think what the cooks do in restaurants in the kitchen, like sneezing and all that fun nasal stuff-I know-paranoid.


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