Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some of My LIttle Treasures

I know almost nothing about this tray. About six years ago I saw it a flea market and was immediately drawn to it. I picked it up, admired it and then put it back on the table and walked away. It has chips on all the feet. It didn't cost much, but I didn't really have a place to put it. My storage areas are all bulging at the seams.

DH kept saying, "If you want it, get it."

I tried hard to resist, but after walking by a few more tables, I came back and bought it. The older lady selling it said it had been her mothers, so it must be quite old.

That is all I know about it.

This is the marking on the bottom.

Someone must know what that trademark above the "Austria" is. I would be grateful for any info.

Here's another one I just love.

I bought this about 20 years ago in an antique/junk shop. It's a casserole dish. That veggie-covered top is very heavy. I loved it then and I still love it now. I've never actually cooked anything in it.

Here's the marking on the bottom . This one is not nearly as old. I am guessing maybe the 1960's for this.

If anyone knows any info about these, please post a comment. That is, IF Blogger will let you. I am trying to add more items, but Blogger is on the blink again, so I will have to do a second post later.


  1. I love those Fall pics! I AM Fall, that looks just lovely.

    Like your unusual potteries. Sorry no info to help though.

  2. Welcome, Meggie. Thanks for posting even if you didn't have any info. :)

  3. WoW, Zoey! I have never seen a clown dish before! How cool!
    You are so smart to go see the fall colors when you did! Ours are fading fast, already...

  4. Hi Zoey,
    What an unusual clown dish. I've been looking for a couple of my Franciscan ware pieces on ebay and I remembered seeing something quite similar to the Cal orig mark. Went back and checked and found a few:

  5. Zoey,
    It's a long link and I can't tell if it all pasted. Email me if you want me to send it again!

  6. You've got me intrigued now! As a long time eBay seller, I can't even guess what the first piece is. I do have a stitching friend from Austria and I should send her your blog link. The clowns are harlequinns, right? And is it a plant stand or pie dish? Very unusual.
    The California pottery isn't that hard to locate, I'm sure. That's a cool piece too. I have a platter from the same company.
    Kovel's wasn't very helpful, I'm afraid.

  7. Sue, your link worked. I did a search on ebay for the casserole dish, but only found one with a fish. Thanks for looking for me, Sue!
    Dianne, I think harlequinns may be correct. I just call them jesters. It is not a plant dish or a pie dish. I think it's just a serving tray. You could put little sandwiches on it, etc.
    I've seen lots of Calif original,just not that piece before. Thanks for your help, too.

  8. Zoey, for years I was a member of the TIAS Art Glass list. It gave me lots of information about identifying art glass. There is also an Art Pottery list. If you are really interested in identifying your mystery pieces, I would recommend joining the list and posting them there. (Just be aware that it's one of those lists that can fill up your inbox, so you might want to set up a special email address for it, or at least set up a rule to filter the messages.) This link will give you a bit more information and tell you how to join:

  9. Karen, thanks for the url. I've been over there checking it out. I haven't signed up for the mail list, but I've been finding all sorts of interesting things to look at!

  10. I was also going to mention to keep an eye out over at Ruby Lane too. I looked last night, but all I saw for Austria ceramics/pottery was the finely painted floral pieces.
    And of course, it makes an adorable sandwich platter. Harlequins were big in the 50s I think.
    I wonder if you type Mardi Gras in someplace, you'd find it? Who knows, it may work.


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