Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Smile Pretty Little Critters

I have put out a camera to see if a skunk is indeed living under my deck. It is aimed

right at the skunk hole, so if it comes out, the camera will capture it.

It's been out for two nights and so far I have only captured a squirrel, a cat and this possum at 3:33 this morning.

It's so much fun to see what's happening in your yard while you are asleep!


  1. What kind of camera is that? I assume it is set off when it senses motion. How did you find out about it, and where did you get it?

  2. Kathy,
    Yes, motion sets it off.
    That's about all I know.
    It's my bosses camera. There's never been a gadget he does not covet/buy. He even bought a rumba (?sp)vacuum--one of those little round things that vacuums on its own. LOL. That one was a waste of money.
    This camera is very nice. Did you notice it even gives the temperature?

  3. Awesome camera! What makes you think there is a skunk, Zoey? Do you smell one? ugh, I would hate that....

    Hey, I love that Roomba vac on my hardwood floors! It's no good on loop or frieze carpet, but it is wonderful for the hardwood!!

  4. No smell, Sissy. We just saw the hole dug to get under and then all the skunk holes in the ground looking for grubs. We are just praying the skunk is not going to decide to live under there all winter in the lttle stack of left over deck lumber we have stored there.

    Mr. Bossman said the Roomba would be GREAT on wood floors, but unfortunately he has carpet and it did not work very good at all on the carpet.

  5. Wow what an awesome camera and can't get over all the info it gives along with the picture! I sure would love to have one of those around here...all kinds of critters roam in my yard at night! Also would like to find out if it's a raccoon that's been pooping on top of our shed! lol

  6. What a handy dandy camera. I'd love to try one of those. Probably we'd see lots of cats, but we do smell skunk every so often.
    Our daughter and hubby have one of those vacs and love it (they've named it Robo I think). One day they 'lost' it and had quite a time finding it. Somehow it got off into another room, or something :) Must be they have the 'right' floors for it. Wish someone or something would do my vacuuming :)


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