Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How Many Cookie Cutters Do I Have?

I am not sure how I amassed such a large amount of cookie cutters.
I must be a collector at heart.
I seem to have one for just about any occasion. I have quite a few of these nesting ones. If I ever need a star, I will have just the right size. I actually used these to make cookie Christmas tree ornaments. I have the entire alphabet as well as special words, like this "LOVE" set.left

Here's a bunch of mini cutters. They are especially nice for garnishing things. You could take sliced cheese and cut it into little tulips to top a spring salad. Have I ever done that?
Not in the past ten years.
But you never know when I may want to again.

See the little clear things in the unopened package? That is a set of mini sandwich cutters. As you can see, I use them a lot. (grin)

This cutter represents the worst type possible. Have you ever tried to remove cookie dough from one of these? I am not likely to make a cat on a fence cookie anytime soon.
Do you think I will throw it away?
Not on your life!

These Wilton Comfort Grip cutters are my favorite. They are not too detailed, are easy to cut, and give a nice clean release. They are large and at least 1.5 inches thick, which makes them good for cutting all sorts of things. I have used them to cut sheet cake and brownies. They can also be used to make fancy sandwiches.

I store all the cutters in plastic bags or in these big jars so they don't collect dust. I have one big deep cupboard that all of this fits nicely into.

I wonder just how many cookie cutters I have...
Who wants to take a guess?
I will pull them all back out and count them this weekend when I use them to make cookies.


  1. I'll just say more than a hundred, OK? That's a lotta cookie cutters! Mine are in jars too. Works well.
    And oh yes, those detailed ones are useless! Too bad, because some of them look really cute. Nope, can't throw them away :)
    I hope you have fun making cookies this weekend Zoey! (or were you just pulling our legs?)

  2. That's quite a collection! For me, cookie cutters are about quality not quantity (from having the same bad experiences you have had, no doubt). Mine are all metal, because the plastic ones are... not good. I prefer the nice big copper ones when I can get them. You could even put a ribbon around those and use them as an ornament. I need to work on getting some of the smaller shapes, though. They are so cute!

  3. Great idea to keep them in big jars. Mine are in big ziplock bags and I have tons. I don't do cut out cookies too much (more drop cookies)
    PS I'd guess 227.

  4. I'm with Kerri, about 100? I have a few, some like the cat on the fence that were from my childhood cookie baking days. I found them at a thrift store and had to have them-I believe they are Tupperware. I stick with the metal ones in different shapes. That's when I do rolled cookies, which isn't often. Now that I have the granite countertops. I bet my rolled cookies will make a resurgence.

  5. Wow. That's a lot of cutters. I have mine in a shoe box. Why a shoe box, I wonder?
    Are those containers you have the large olive jars from your work? As a bartender, I have been literally up to my elbows in those jars many many times!!
    Happy Halloween!

  6. I like the big jar idea I don't have that many but the ones I have are metal. Yes the tupperware cookie cutters are useless.

    I'll say you have 150..You are going to count them. Aren't you:)

  7. Huh...thats quite a collection...

    I have all of 5 cookie cutters. they are farm animals ;)


  8. I've never really thought about how many cookie cutters I have but I know I have quite a few:-) I've got mine all in ziplock bags...love your idea of putting them in large jars! Happy Halloween dear Zoey!!


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