Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Still Have Halloween on my Mind

Inspired by Giddy's post a few days ago, I thought I would share a couple of my Halloween costumes. Please forgive the poor quality. I had to take a photo of my scrapbook page.

I've only worn a Halloween costume a few times in the past 30 years.

This was by far my favorite.

I wore it to work one year. It was such fun, though a bit tough to type with those nails.

The green face paint was making me pretty itchy by the day's end.

This clown was OK, but not nearly as much fun as the witch.

This picture is actually more scary than the witch costume. You will never guess why.
See those BIG bright red glasses?

They were my real glasses! LOL

If you want to see the home of someone who must really LOVE Halloween, check out this guy's place. He's decorated inside and outside.


  1. You look great! Gee, the make-up would start to make me hot I think. Good for you for wearing it to work. And I had big glasses like that too. : )

  2. Wow-the young guy whose link you included has some interesting decorating ideas. I love the lighting he used in 05. Very creative!

  3. Clear to see you know how to have fun!
    ~Happy Halloween~

  4. Oh I remember when those big glasses were in style. That's not scary. It just says how fashionable you have always been.

    Love the witch costume! I could never get away with anything like that.

  5. Dianne, did you have red ones too? It was the Sally Jesse Rapheal era. Remember her?

    Becky, it sure was fun!

    Karen, why not?

  6. I love the costumes! Also, nice smile on your new profile picture.

  7. I didn't have red ones that big (burgundy ones later but more smallish). The ones I had were pinkish and the side pieces came out of the bottom instead of the middle or top of the frames. Sure I recommend Sal!

  8. I liked what anonymous wrote about your post #1000, and your thoughts on her comment.
    It's like having a little visit with you every time I pop over. Yes, the little everyday things in life are fun and interesting...always! I like the way you think Zoey girl, and you sure know how to have fun :)
    Great costumes! Love the witch's nose!

  9. Love the witch costume, Zoey!

    You asked about the root boost stuff a couple posts back - It's made by TIGI Catwalk. It's usually sold in hair salons or you can google it and find it online. It says to spray it on your roots for lift and volume or all over and comb through for texture and volume, which is what I do.

  10. Thanks, Joy. I went and checked it out. I think I will ask my hairdresser if she can get it. Appreciate the tip. This mane of mine needs all the help it can get. :)


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