Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yellow Split Pea Soup

Today I made yellow split pea soup and since I had not eaten all day, we had it for an early dinner.

Have you ever had it? It is a more delicate pea flavor than the green split peas. I added onions, carrots and celery to mine. I used a ham bone from the ham we had a few weeks ago. I had also frozen some extra ham in anticipation of this soup.

In my area, it's hard to find the yellow split peas. I have only found one store in town that carries them (actually DH found the store...remember, he does a lot of the grocery shopping). For those who have never made soup from the dried peas, they look like this: I also made garlic bread with melted cheese on top. It was a nice light meal.

I don't have a recipe as I just throw stuff in. There is a recipe on the back of the bag that is a good starting point. I do use about 3 parts chicken broth to one part water rather than all water. I think it adds a little flavor.

It's a nice meal to make when you are very busy as you can just let it simmer all afternoon while you do other things.

DH is hoping I find some time to bake cookies this weekend. I have not baked a single Christmas cookie and he seems to be missing them. I just can't seem to find the time this year. The kind he wants are the rolled frosted sugar cookies. Naturally the ones that take the most time and effort.

Maybe I will make some tomorrow morning. I'm pretty well pooped for today.


  1. Perhaps if you tell him you will make them as long as he helps you with the whole project, he will understand in the future why you are reluctant to make them.

  2. I haven't baked cookies here either! I keep telling myself there's still time, but it's getting away from me. The soup looks wonderful. I've never tried the yellow peas, but to me they look more appetizing then green ones!

  3. Gee, I wonder why you haven't had any time, Zoey? Let me think, how many trees have you decorated?

    I am impressed that you even found time to MAKE soup for dinner. I had soup too; I opened a can of Campbells. At least it was "Home-Style" chicken noodle. Those yellow split-peas look like corn! Very appetizing dinner, I'd say.

  4. Your soup sounds delicious! Carrot/orange soup is on my menu for Christmas Eve. We are participating in a progressive dinner between the Christmas Eve service at church and I'm cooking soup/salad this year.

  5. I do like split pea soup and yellow s p would not be reminiscent of a certain horror movie. : )
    I'm behind from being sick. I've been cleaning up this weekend. I could decorate more, but it doen't look like I'm going to as I haven't made one cookie or wrapped any gifts. I'll do my butter crisco chocolate chips and 7 layer bars and go from there.(Probably fudge too). I use to go nuts with cookies and would end up giving them away-mostly to the birds and critters in January.
    Good luck with your sugar cookies.

  6. Kathy, I mentioned to DH that one of the blogger ladies thought he should help me make the cookies...he said he shopped for the ingredients...LOL.

    Sue, It seems that many of us have not done any baking this year. I guess we've all been too busy.

    lostroses, I love to have soup for dinner. Every now and then I do get the taste for Campbell's plain old chicken noodle.

    Sandy, Welcome! That progressive dinner sounds like fun. I hope you take your camera and blog it.

    Dianne, I am so glad you are feeling better. I wanted to make some fudge today, but never got to it. I remember that movie so well! I couldn't eat green pea soup for years.

  7. I LOVE yellow split pea soup and make it quite often whenever I have a ham bone I've frozen. I made some chocolate/peanut butter fudge today...omigosh it's good! lol Hugs xox


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