Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Bingo

Are you hosting the family Christmas at your house? If so you may be interested in playing Christmas bingo.

I am planning to do this at my little event. It’s not an organized game where sit down and play. It’s an informal thing. You give each person a bingo card and a pencil. They carry it around throughout the evening (fold it up, stick it in their pocket, whatever) and mark off the words as they hear them. Everyone will hear different words, depending on whom they are talking to.

Say you are talking to Aunt Suzy and she says, “I love your decorations.”

Right after saying, “Thank you,” you grab your card and put an “X” through the word "decorations".

Later you talk to your sister and she says, “Where did you ever find that garland?”

Ah, ha! “Garland”. Cross it out.

And so on.

When someone gets a bingo, they yell, “Merry Christmas!” while flapping their card in the air, and they get to pick a little wrapped gift from the gift basket. You will need a bunch of little gifts because all night long people will be yelling, “Merry Christmas” as they fill a line.

Once a person gets a bingo, you can toss that card or they can keep the card all evening and just keep going until it’s filled or all the gifts are gone. Kids who are old enough to read will have a ball trying to get people to say the words on their card. I think we will have fun, too, even though we won't have any young children. I hope I don't get one of those cards with "sugarplums" on it. Nobody in my family ever says, "sugarplums". :) We are all kids, at heart!

If this sounds like something your family would enjoy, you can go here to make the bingo cards. You just need to fill in a bunch of Christmas words and hit “create”. Hit your print button. Then hit “f5” and it will mix the words up and create a different card. Just keep hitting “print” and “f5” until you have all the cards you need. I did go back and change some of the words a few times, just so everyone would not have the same words.

hint* If you are having a hard time coming up with words, just google "Christmas words" and you will find all you need.


  1. This sounds really fun. I'm not hosting this year, but I'm going to try to remember it for when we do!

  2. My group will be so "polluted" there will be no marking off, but plenty of screaming and yelling and flapping in the air!!!
    This would be so much fun with a more civilized family!!

  3. You have so much energy! I will remember this, and maybe have my grandsons make the cards.


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