Friday, December 1, 2006

Winter Has Arrived

with a vengeance in Michigan today!
It is quite beautiful, but I am disappointed as it caused me to cancel my hotel reservations for my weekend get-a-way. Now I'm stuck home all weekend.


  1. It is beautiful! Our next door neighbors just moved (this Thursday) from our beautiful sunshine to Chicago.
    Quite the change for both of them who are native Californians..
    Bummer about your weekend getaway!

  2. Sue, what a surprise your neighbors must have had today (just one day after arriving) in their new home! Chicago got hit pretty hard today, too. I used to live there (in the suburbs) long ago. In fact, they sold T-shirts then that said, "I survived the blizzard of '79". It was a huge blizzard and a plane crashed at O'hare on take off during the storm, killing many people. A week later I flew over the crash area when we went to Florida to visit DH's mother. You could still see the black charred runway from the flames when it crashed. Very scary and So long ago...

  3. I'm sorry your weekend get-a-way had to be canceled, but I must say that your photos are beautiful!

    The storm front passed through here this evening, but so far the temps are still too warm for snow. We just had heavy rain, a lot of wind, and thunder & lightning.

  4. Well, I hope you at least have a good book to read because you sure won't be working out in the garden! Sorry about your canceled getaway, can you reschedule?

  5. Woo Hoo! And people think Maine is cold and snowy? We have yet to see our first flake, although today will be cold and blustery. Sorry to hear about your weekend plans - hope you will be able to reschedule soon.

  6. The photos are beautiful! I have been watching the weather, my family in Oklahoma got hit with that storm, too.
    We are clear down here in southern Maine, too. I know that Giddy is up the coast from us a ways. After a dark week, it just feels so good to see the sun, I am enjoying that.

    Guess you will just have to stay in and quilt!

  7. "cancel my ... my weekend get-a-way"

    Oh! What a bummer!

  8. We got hit with that same storm system...the gusting winds and snow made it pretty miserable and a whole bunch of events were cancelled. What a shame you had to cancel your weekend away...figures eh? Sigh! Fresh fallen snow is beautiful though isn't it!

  9. Oh man, that's not nice when you have to cancel arrangements like that. Sorry you're missing your getaway.

    We must have had the same storm system, but not as much snow. High winds though. Our neighbour's patio table shattered because he had not yet stored his umbrella for the season. The wind was so strong it blew the umbrella over with enough force to smash the table.

  10. Oh, so nice! I wish, we had some snow, only a little please! We have 10 ° outside and I will do some weed today, it is still growing!


  11. We didn't get any snow just a lot of strong wind garbage cans everywhere. It was 70 one day and 40 the next. Crazy.

  12. It always seems to snow when a person has plans! We too are under a large dump of the white stuff!


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