Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'm Feeling a Little Lusty Lately

for one of these:

A WHITE Christmas tree.

I find this strangely remarkable as I've never wanted a white tree before. I think my fond childhood memory of the real tree my mom had professionally flocked in a thick snowy coating is re-surfacing. If I remember she decorated that tree in all blue and it was quite stunning.

I may have to check out the after Christmas sales and see if I can find two tall skinny trees in white to flank my dining room table next year.

And isn't this tree skirt adorable?

Made of silk and pom poms and rick rack--so retro! Wouldn't it be cute with a white tree done in lime green and pink?

It's also $199.00, so I won't be ordering it anytime soon. It would be so very easy to make for much less money. The only problem is that the pom poms would squish is you put gifts on it.


  1. I like white trees-but only if they have the lights with the white cords. I actually have a 3 footer that I display every once in a while.
    I think it's neat that you said your mom had her tree professionaly flocked. My mom and grandmom uses the Lux (I think this is the name) soap with water.

  2. That should say 'used' the soap-back in the 40s-50s.

  3. Do you think each of those pom poms are stiched on or are they hot glued? It's very cute, but not $199.00 cute!
    My daughter has an all white tabletop tree for her bedroom!

  4. I like the white trees too I just bought a new tree last year so I probably won't be getting one too soon.
    Remember the silver trees? I don't like them but in the 60's they were the thing to have with the spot light like thing that turned different colors.

  5. Dianne, white cords are a must for sure! I remember people using soap, too. My mom was not the crafty type, so she had to have someone else do it.

    Sue, for $199, I hope they are stitched!

    Pat, those silver trees are really in right now with the retro crowd. I have always hated them. The original ones with the spot light are now worth quite a little chunk of cash.

  6. My mom has a white Christmas tree..I'm going over tomorrow to decorate it for her. Her decorations are all gold and pink so it looks quite stunning! I'll bring my camera with me and take a picture of it once I'm done decorating it:-) I do love that tree skirt, never seen anything like it!!

  7. A tree skirt I have never seen. Yes it is very adorable.



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