Monday, December 11, 2006

And I Thought I Put Up a Lot of Trees.....

....Howell's forest features 52 themed, designer-decorated Christmas trees in her 2,500-square-foot home near Richburg ...

You can read about it here.

Unfortunately there are no pictures. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see this lady's trees! If only she had a blog.


  1. Oh wow, I wish they would have shown pictures in the article!! Sheesh, can you just imagine, 52 trees in your home?? It takes me all day just to decorate one! lol

  2. NO, I cannot even imagine it! I will have 9 if I ever find the time to get the main one up, and I think I am borderline nuts.

    I believe she said in the article that it takes her 7.5 hours to do one.

  3. I can't imagine how I could even get around my house if I had that many trees. And what a pain to have to move the tree to take a bath!
    (perhaps they don't bathe during the Christmas season???)

  4. Good grief, how does she keep up the energy and enthusiasm to do that? I am about to fling my porcelain houses under the tree and call it "Christmas Village Earthquake". At least they'd be out of the boxes.

    P.S. No cheese on my popcorn, Zoey, I'm a butter kind of girl.

  5. LOL, lostroses. I like that...."Christmas Village Earthquake!" I like butter AND cheeese.

    Sue, I wondered about that one, too. It must be a bathroom they don't use.


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