Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Guess Where I was at 5:45 A.M. today?

Sitting in the Walmart parking lot with about two dozen other people waiting for the 6:00 a.m. opening!

JC Penney also opened at 6:00 a.m. Oh, what fun I had! I never get to go to the after Christmas sales. I had a nice leisurely 3 hours of bargain hunting. I went to Walmart, Kmart, JC Penney and JoAnne Fabric.

Here's the trunk of my car when I got home at 9:30 a.m.

and here I am checking out the loot. "What's that? Ah, MORE charger plates!" I have been watching the burgundy chargers and they were half off today.

Wrapping paper, TONS of ornaments, boots, p.j.'s, candy, red lights, blue lights and clear lights, cards, goodie gift bags, bingo gifts for next year, 2 gold reindeer.... I can't even begin to put it all down.

Look at those adorable gold/bronze birds (I bought three packages) and all those candy ornies for my candy trees. Oh yea, and some bronze glass balls (bought 3 pkgs. of those, too) and look at that NECCO candy tin full of Necco round candies. Remember those? The empty tin will be great under the candy tree.

Look at the length of these receipts. That will give us an idea of how many treasures I purchased. **grin**

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I still have a few days to enjoy the tree, so I put all the new ornaments on. I removed the Burgundy colored balls (which I was only marginally happy with anyway) and put the bronze ones on. I added 19 white poinsettias and hanging things that look like big chunks of ice and reflect the light.

Now I can look at a different tree all week.
Can you see the new birds in the tree?
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  1. Wow Zoey you hit the "mother load"(I think thats the saying) Lots of great bargins I adore those little birds they are darling. I never get in on Christmas sales either..but so glad you did this year. I love good sales. I also love the gold deer I bet you will have fun with him next year.

  2. Yeah, yeah, the early bird gets the worm. ; )
    I didn't sniff out any bargains until after dinner and there weren't that many out there to sniff out! I did get an awesome 15" 'ice tree' with white doves on it. There's a switch for a blue light to come on the bottom. They couldn't get $50 for it, I got it for 75% off-about $12.25 (around that). I also got the Necco wafers in the can at Kmart (I love them) and some Martha Stewart cards, garland and a few ornaments. The girl tried to say that MS wasn't 50% off and 75% of the stuff was gone. Hogwash! I did get it marked down.
    You did really well and your tree is just the way I like it-loaded! My mom loves the bronze ornies too. Have fun admiring it the next week or so.
    Gee-I could stand some new jammies myself. : )

  3. I love the birdies too-I got blue ones for my tree.
    I love the idea of a faux candy tree too.

  4. You are quite the after Christmas sale shopper. I haven't ventured out, but might later today. I'm trying to catch up on a few favorite bloggers. I'm so behind...

  5. You are an amazing woman, Zoey! Neither love nor money would entice me to fight those after holiday crowds at the mall! This weekend, I will pack away my precious ceramic Christmas tree for yet another year and the house will be back to "normal".

  6. I got those birds too, Zoey! But that was a month ago and I paid full price, darn it! We do have good taste, don't we? You got some great bargains and what fun it will be to "discover" your ornament purchases all over again next year when you open boxes to start decorating.

    Hmmm, Joanne's. I'd better stop by there tomorrow before the next blizzard takes hold on Friday.

  7. Wow! Sooo fun catching up on your blog!
    Loved your pics, your deals, your decorating!
    You inspired me to head out and hit the stores!


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