Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Man is Happy

and gives a "thumbs up" to the frosted cookies he's been waiting so patiently for.

I made a double batch

I made all stars. I like to make all the same so I can decorate them more quickly. I use the term "decorate" quite loosely. I just slop a knife full of frosting on the cookie and dump a few sprinkles.

I am not very patient when it comes to cookie decorating. You won't find me with piping bags full of all different colors of frosting. I've tried it a few times and never found it all that fulfilling. I admire those who can do it, but I am just not very talented in that department.

I also made a big half sheet pan full of brownies with a slightly-minty frosting. They are quite delish. Much better than the cookies in my opinion and so much easier to make.

This is just the year of "green" for me. Look how nicely everything goes with the tree lights. I went to Home Depot about an hour ago and bought two more strands of green lights and put them on the sides. Yes, it was a little difficult to get them on an already decorated tree. The secret was to start them at the bottom and go up the middle. It was tough to find a bare spot to stick my arm in to grab the lights to pull them up. :)

Those cookies in the jar are teeny tiny little stars that I am going to freeze. They will be perfect to top a scoop of ice cream or some other dessert later in the year. I put them in the jar so they would have more protection from breaking in the freezer. I wanted a Pringles can, but wouldn't you know it, the ONLY time I've ever needed a Pringles can and I don't have one.

I had one saved for years in my cupboard. I went there to get it and darned if I hadn't cleaned that cupboard out earlier this summer and threw the Pringles can in the garbage.


  1. Looks yummy. Happy Hubby's are nice to have around :)

  2. Yes its always nice to have a happy hubby. The cookies look delish I love the frosted sugar cookies (my favorite)

    Like the green too.

  3. LOL yup, your hubby sure looks like he's enjoying that cookie! hehe The do look very delicious! Zoey, I'll be on the road most of this week so I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!! Much love xoxo

  4. Me again...I was catching up with your posts and noticed you were looking for a good punch recipe. I have one that I've made often for family gatherings and it always goes over really well!
    Sunny Day Punch

    1 large can Pineapple Juice
    1 can frozen orange juice
    1 can frozen lemonade
    2 large bottles Club Soda or GingerAle
    Add lots of ice cubes.

  5. Its good, to see your husband so happy!


  6. That type of thing happens to me all the time (Pringles can)--regardless of how long I try to get away with not cleaning stuff out. As soon as I finally do, sure enough I've thrown away something I needed.

  7. Good for you making cookies for your DH! They are nice thick ones too and look good. I don't do the rolled cookies too often. I guess I could now that I have granite countertops. I like to stick to the bar cookies myself. I was going through some recipes and liked a bunch, but many of them need 'special' ingredients that I have to go out and get. I may do that tomorrow. Today I'll stick to the chocolate chips.

  8. Pea-that is like the same punch my mom and grandmom use to make! Sometimes they just subbed like Hawaiian punch or a canned drink for one of the juices. Zoey-you could get creative with that! And mom use to float some sherbet in hers.

  9. Those cookies are decorated fine. I wish I had some sugar cookies right now.

  10. Oh the pain of it all..... the hunger for these cookies...and that pea soup!!! That soup looks so good!



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