Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where Did My VACATION DAY go?

It's a good thing I cleaned those cupboards early because that's about all the work I really got done today.

I spent a bit of time this morning making 4 of these tree log cabin blocks. I enjoyed that. I watched Regis and Kelli (Kelly? I have never been home to see this show before, so don't know how she spells her name) while I sewed.

Regis, Regis, Regis..........What were you thinking when you came to work today?

That suit is bad! And "bad" doesn't mean good as it does with the younger generation.
I kept thinking that color must be some joke, but if it was, I did not hear the punch line. It makes me shudder just to look at that lime green suit!

At about noon, I went shopping. I did not get back home until 3:30pm. I had to buy little gifts for the Christmas Bingo game, I went to Walden and bought a book for myself, I went to JC Penney and bought a little gift for a co-worker and 2 shirts for me, I went to a dollar store and saw these for only $1.00 each......that's .50 for one, so I bought 7 of them for me..... Ho, HO, HO, Merry Christmas to me. I bought more for myself than anyone else! Geez, how could I resist these for .50 each? I can even use them for fall decorations as the color is fallish. I would just kick myself next September if I didn't buy them! :)

After I got home and put the gold hanging things on the tree, I started to make this alcoholic slush stuff
You make a simple syrup and add orange juice and lemonade and 2.5 cups of Vodka. You refrigerate it overnight and then freeze it, stirring it every couple of hours until it forms a slush. Then you just keep it frozen until you want to use it. You plop a scoopful into a glass, add some 7-up and voila! it's done. I think I will borrow some margarita glasses from work and add sugar to the rim when I serve these on Christmas Eve. I used a peach-flavored Vodka as that is what I had in the cupboard. It all sounds sissy enough for me and my family to enjoy. What I really like is that any leftovers can be kept frozen for another time.

I had to go to the grocery store this afternoon to get the OJ, etc. I had a list of stuff I needed. Do you think I could find that list when I got there? I searched my purse twice in the parking lot and could not find it. I also went to Gordon Food Service and had their ad, but could not find that either so I didn't know what I was supposed to buy once I got inside either store. It was frustrating and I silently thanked DH for doing the majority of the grocery shopping. He does it so much better than I. When I got home and carried all the bags into the kitchen, guess what I found? The list and ad were both still sitting on the desk. I just was not meant to be a shopper!


  1. Happy Solstice, Zoey. May the longest night of the year be warm and cozy in your home.

    I love those slushies. Oh, my, watch out for them, they sneak up on you!

  2. Hi Jenn, Thank you. I forgot it was the solstice today.

    Do you think I may have a bunch of drunken relatives this Sunday? Hee hee. It does not take too many drinks to get to most of us.

  3. We make ours with bourbon and cranberry juice with the lemonade concentrate...
    Do you shop often at the GFS? There's one near us, but I have never gone. Do you have to buy in bulk?

  4. Sissy, I do shop there for certain things, like 5 lb. bags of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts, big container of pure vanilla extract and big cans of chicken broth.

    No, you don't have to buy in bulk.

  5. You've been busy! Thanks for reminding me to put my shopping list in my purse. I'm off to the wilds of the supermarket today.
    Your frozen drink looks delicious and what a great idea! I'm kinda wondering what that Lemoncello (sp) stuff that Danny DeVito got drunk on tastes like and may get some. I hardly ever have a cocktail.
    To answer you question-my mom use to do embroidery work and I picked that up from her when I was a teenager. I'm the cross stitcher in the family though.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. I am so going to make your recipe!
    But check out my latest post to see what we put in our margarita or martini glasses! Rather strange... but yummy!


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