Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Main Tree is Finished

and I did not do any of the themes I had considered.

When push came to shove, the box of glass balls was already up from the basement and I just used what was there. I went down to the basement for something and, for a moment, I considered bringing up the three boxes of Santas. Just thinking of taking each one out of it's individual box was more than I could bear after a full day of work, so they remain packed up for another year.

It took me about three hours to do & I like how the tree turned out. All the glass balls are white, clear, and gold. The only other color comes from about two dozen burgundy/gold balls and gold grapes. The tree has a lot of sparkle.

The only handmade ornies on this tree are the white crocheted hearts that my Mom made for me about 25 years ago (thanks, Mom, I still use them almost every year). Oh, and the beaded stars that I bought at a craft show about the same time.

I did something really crazy. I put 5 strands of white lights on. Then I took green lights and swirled them through the center and clustered them on the top. I then added two strands of blue lights.

I am not totally sold on the effect. It sort of looks like I ran out of green lights. I probably could have put a couple more green strands on the side.

Oh, well, it is what is.


  1. It's amazingly beautiful Zoey!

  2. I like that white, green, and blue look with the lights. It's kind of cool. (I'm sure it would look good with more green too.)

  3. It's very pretty Zoey. I like all the different colors. You have some icicle garland just like mine. I bought a pre-lit tree last year and I really like not having to put the lights on the tree.

  4. Your tree is absolutely beautiful!!! I just love it...and the windblown Santa!

  5. Gorgeous and some clever light effects! I had to get some more lights for mine or it looked to bare near the back if you are sitting at the dining room table (our 'dining room' and living room are almost one and the same). The ornaments are classic too.

  6. A very nice christmas tree! I hope, you can enjoy the time and wish you a wonderful weekend.


  7. Your tree is beautiful Zoey. I like the color combination.
    I've enjoyed catching up (much too busy lately!), seeing all your decorations and reading your 'how-to' posts. The wrapping paper bow is such a neat idea.
    It sure is looking like Christmas at your house. Really lovely!
    I'm just finishing off the decorations on our tree this morning, then it's off to work for me.

  8. Breathtaking... love it... so sparkle happy!
    Great job!

  9. You are killing me, Zoey!! Your tree is fabulous! If I had that in my house, I would be happy!
    You should be so proud!!

  10. Wow! Your tree is beeeeeauuuuutiful!
    Never even thought to look up Rudolf`s book :)


  11. I think your tree is just gorgeous!! I kinda like the effect those lights give it! The ornaments on them are just beautiful too!

  12. White, clear, and gold...I like it! Very elegant. And where have green lights been all my life?

    I don't blame you for not wanting to unbox all those Santas. I'm at that point too, though I did manage to get a few village houses unpacked and under the tree. Decided to forego the earthquake look after all!


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