Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still Baking up a Storm

I made more cookies tonight. Sissy inspired me when she showed a pic of some pinwheel cookies. I have not made these in years.

These are not quick and easy cookies to make. They take a bit of fussing, but they are quite cute when the center stays down. They tend to unravel while baking if you don't press the center securely. Personally, I don't think they taste as good as they look. I will have to see what DH thinks when he gets home. He's the big cookie lover in this family.


  1. They look beautiful almost like flowers.
    Finally took the plunge and switched to beta. Easy peasy (so far anyway)
    Very quick!!

  2. They are pretty cookies! I have a few more to stir together. My guys have been dipping in the tins-urghh.

  3. Once I discovered they required a special cutter, they went off my list.
    You did a fantastic job!!!

  4. Zoey your cookies are beautiful.


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