Friday, December 8, 2006

I don't let anything go to waste

Remember that 1970's model groom that fizzled out in the 80's and had to be traded in?

Well, I used the veil from the wedding dress for this angel's wings (and about a dozen more). Yup, I got way more mileage out of that dress than I did the groom.

I have a whole box of pink/white ornaments. I made them all and have always loved them. I have not used them in a while. I keep coming across boxes of old items and I want to use them all.

I guess I will put the big tree up tomorrow and I may use these angels on it. Or I will do a Santa tree and use all my Hallmark Santa ornaments that I spent tons of money for and have not used in years. Or maybe the teddy bear ornaments.....I used to be such a Christmas junkie! *grin*
I still have boxes of stuff in the basement. I could do at least four more big trees and not run out of ornaments.

I think DH took today off work, so maybe I can coax him to put the big tree together and load it with white lights. Then it will be all set for me when the urge moves me to decorate it.


  1. Well at least the wedding dress didn't go to waste! The angels are lovely, but do you get a warm glowing feeling when you look at them?

  2. LOL, Sue. NO problem with that. Old DH and I are still friendly when we see each other. I don't see him often, as he lives in a different town.

  3. Oh yeah, I could decorate about 4 trees myself. IMHO, why not stick with the Santas since you have a theme going this year anyway?
    I am also doing white lights, though may throw a mix of teal and whites that I have and using mostly 'icy' crystal ornies. I bought a box of 'disco ball' ornies and have lots of Martha Stewart silver ones. My son likes multi-color, and I do too, but I like a theme going too. : )
    I wore my mom's wedding dress as a Halloween costume one year. I never saw someone so happy to cut up a dress!

  4. Wow Zoey great job recycling. Your little angel is beautiful. You really don't throw anything away I wish I had more space to store things it seems I'm always decluttering. I can't think of one item that I have saved from the 70's I even lost my class ring.

  5. LOL I can just imagine how happy you were to be able to cut up that wedding dress to make something else out of it!! hehe Love the angels you made with it! I thought I had a lot of ornaments but girl, I think you can triple what I have! lol

  6. Than it is an wedding-angel!
    Have a nice 2. Advent.



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