Thursday, December 28, 2006

8 Down and 1 to Go

I was just beat yesterday after spending about 6 hours removing, boxing up and hauling the decorations down to the basement shelves. I have everything down, but the main tree which I will tackle as soon as I finish my second cup of coffee.

I am feeling a twinge of envy for Giddy who said she only had to box up one ceramic tree and her house was back to normal. Mine feels bare as a newborn's bottom right now. It's a clean slate just waiting for decorating inspiration.

Tomorrow is garbage pick up day so I plan to spend a little time throwing out junk from the basement.

I am hoping to get everything finished by noon so I can spend some time sewing/quilting.


  1. Dearest Zoey...wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I know I'm a few days late but I'm just now catching up with everybody. I've just read all your posts that I had missed...sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas:-) I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures! I don't take down my tree and decorations until the day after New Year so I have that "joy" to look forward to yet! lol You really did well on the after Christmas sales...I haven't even attempted to go to the malls yet. Much love xoxo

  2. Zoey, you have to convert to new Blogger, this week, too!! Don't forget!

  3. Zoey, I did stop by Home Depot and pick up a few half price Christmas items for next year. Guess I'll have to buy another storage tote too! "-)


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