Monday, December 18, 2006

I am Enjoying my Christmas Quilt In a New Way

I usually put this quilt on my bed during the holiday season. This year I decided not to. Just today I thought of getting it out from under the bed and displaying it in the family room instead.

I stuck the Woodland Santa I made next to it (mostly to hide the electrical outlet). That's a big pet peeve of mine -- seeing electrical outlets, especially if there are cords in plain sight. I just HATE it... So much so that when we built our family room, I had outlets put in the floor near the sofas so the lamp cords could be hidden. I know that sometimes you just can't help seeing the cord, but I do try to do everything within my power to hide them.

We all have our little quirks...................... :)


  1. I love the quilt and woodland Santa!

  2. I can still see the outlet! ; )
    I know, Brian took photos outside and was at an angle where all the lovely cords were showing-in every shot!
    That is an awesome quilt.

  3. I always wonder how they hide all the cords in home decorating magazines. They often have room arrangements where the sofa is not against any wall, and there's a lamp on each side of the sofa, and yet, no cords trailing off to the outlets anywhere. Do most people at a certain income level have floor outlets?

  4. I am with you, there, too, Zoey! Hate the outlets!
    Love your quilt! Did you make it??!!


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