Saturday, December 30, 2006

What a Wonderful Day I Had Today

for my last vacation day. I just puttered all day. I did do some very easy cleaning—very easy, compared to what I have done the past two days, which, I do believe, would border on the line of cruel and unusual punishment, had someone forced me to do it.

Today I removed all the combs, brushes, etc. from a drawer in my bathroom and soaked them all in soap, water and bleach. I washed out the entire drawer and put it all back. Then I removed all the stuff from the linen closet and washed down the shelves and the little stair-step shelf things I use to hold my hair products, etc. It was easy and quite fulfilling. There are no stray hairs floating around my brush drawer (at least until tomorrow morning!).

I also puttered just a bit with these old metal TV trays from the 1950’s (?). I decided to remove some pics I had on this wall and hang these. I wasn’t much in the mood, so left it at this for now. I still need to put some ribbon over the wire because I definitely will not leave the wire showing like that! I also need to putz a bit with the inside display. I decided I was not in the mood today, so just left it all.

I also put all my new charger plates away. I had to remove some other stuff to make them all fit on the bottom shelves of this cabinet. Now they are very easy to get at when I set a table.

I stuck a few allium into this green plant just to get a different look.

Since Christmas Eve my sewing/computer room has been so very clean and tidy. It’s been nice, but I can’t create in a clean sterile room, so now it looks like this:

LOL. All those little bags are separating strips of fabric that I use for log cabins. I cut up some more fabric early this morning and had to get them all out to put the freshly-cut strips in.

Then I decided to do a little sewing just because I can’t go longer than a week without creating something!

Until 7 am this morning the orange fabric of these points was the lining of a fall vest that someone (not me) made. The fall fabric (next to the bright orange point) was the outside of the vest. I took my rotary cutter to it and it ended up as this block.

I am posting this late because Blogger would not allow me to add the pictures yesterday.


  1. It sounds like you had a full day! We won't take our tree and decorations down until after new years. Have a great New Years!

  2. Zoey, thank you for your comment. I'm back from holiday. The photos at my blog are from the last winter, (the snow-photos, not the others). We have no snow this year. I've been in the black forrest since this morning, they have also no snow, what a bad time this year. But I still hope, we get some snow in future.


  3. I love days like that when I can just putter around and get things tidied or decorated differently.
    You'd think that with being retired I'd have tons of those type of days, but that's so NOT the case!!

  4. Sounds like you got a lot done..I like those trays on your wall I bought a serving tray like those at a garage sale a few years ago and have seen some at antique stores but they wanted more than the 2 dollars that I gave for mine.

    You must really stay focused to get everything done that you do. Somedays I go from one thing to the other and get nothing accomplished.

  5. Puttering? Looks to me like you were cleaning! Remember that Erma Bombeck said "Housework, if done right, can kill you." So be careful, Zoey!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I just found your blog thru my daughter (Laurie&Chris). How lucky you are to have all your Christmas put away! I love it all but hate the cleanup! Happy New Year!

  7. Guess what I did after I took a shower today? I cleaned out my very nasty hair brush drawer-thanks to your inspiration. I heard that using shampoo was a fine cleaner for hair brushes. I got a enough hair out of it to cover a rat-no joke!


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