Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Little 7:00 a.m. Christmas Wonderland

Just sipping coffee amid the lights. You must take into account that there are 5 more lighted trees that you can't see from this view. I am sitting right smack in the middle of it all.

I went outside to bring in the newspaper just so I could see what it looks like from out there. I must say, I don't need any outside lights! LOL. It's ablaze with light from the road.

Thank you all for the computer dying sympathy. It is still alive and should remain so. It will just be s l o w.................and I do mean, slow...

Isn't this a cute musical snowglobe? It's from Princess House and was a gift from my son's former girlfriend.

This will be the first year I am not setting my dining room table. On Christmas Eve I am having my family over. We are not having a dinner, so I don't need the table set. We are just doing heavy appetizers. I will have to spend a little time this weekend making meatballs (I copied Tea's Sweet & Sour sauce recipe to try). I need to come up with some type of punch to serve. Anyone have any good punch recipes? I think I will do one alcoholic and one non. I never make punch, so I have no tried and true ideas. My family members are not big drinkers, so the punch needs to be a sissy type alcohol--something like Bailey's Irish Creme...or other sweet stuff.

Today I will also make some sort of centerpiece for the table. You just know that I am not about to leave it bare! I've actually already made a large candy topiary that will be part of the centerpiece. I just need some greens and a few other things.

Well, off to rummage through my junk store. Ummmm, I mean my basement. Last year I made a Christmas table runner and have not found it yet.


  1. That looks like a lot of work, but it sure is pretty. How long do you leave the house decorated after Christmas?

  2. I have one of those "junk stores" too, Zoey. If I can't find what I'm looking for one year, it'll turn up by the next year, usually. Or more likely, I'll go buy another one and THEN the original turns up!

    Isn't it nice to sit and enjoy all the pretty decorations you've done? I like that feeling too.


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