Friday, December 29, 2006

Everything is Packed Away for Another Year

People are always wondering where I store all of the Christmas stuff I own.

Welcome to my basement, which I fondly refer to as my own little junk store. It is used only for storage and it is pretty full.

This is my Christmas section. These shelves are big (3 feet deep) have been filled for years. I have had to add those large plastic bins way down on the left side.

I don't use all of this stuff every year. I have enough to do a lot of different themes and I only use whichever items fit the theme I've decided on for the season. If I want to do a pink tree, I just go to the boxes with the pink items. It's nice to have such a varied collection.

Sissy mentioned that I need to switch to the new Blogger this week. I can't switch! My blog is too big. Does anyone else have this same problem? My dashboard says I can switch, but when I try, I can't.


  1. Don`t think it was me that mentioned it :) But it didn`t work for me at first either. I followed back through the back arrow and finally it worked. Had to go backwards because the next time I loaded the page, my invite was gone. Just make sure you save your template though Zoey. I know they say they`re saving it but I didn`t want to take the cahnce so I copied and pasted it in my e-mail. Glad I did because I lost some of my links.
    Good luck when you take the dive!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  2. You are so lucky to have all that space for storage. All I have is one corner in on little room. I've just started putting some things away I always leave my tree up until Jan.1

    Have a good day and try to relax a little.:)

  3. Sorry, Tea. You must have been on my mind. It was Sissy. I will go back and change that now.

    Good morning, Pat. I am just puttering today. It feels good!

  4. Not fair! We don't have basements in Phx! Waaaa!
    I keep telling my husband that all I ever want is a basement! Is that wrong?!
    I envy your basement storage! You are blessed!

  5. I should probably post a picture of all my boxes of decor! It all has to be lifted overhead in the garage rafters!
    (no basements here!)
    I kept getting the same error message for weeks from blogger. Finally when I went to sign in last week, it looked slightly different, I pressed the change option and it was done within 5 minutes. No problems and I think you will love it!

  6. Ok, if you are changing blogger, I will too, but I am a bit scared because I have a big blog also.
    I think you may have just a bit more Cmas stuff than I do. We have a bathroom in our basement and Bri and the neighbor added walls and covered up a lot of shelves! Dumb move. There are boxes on the top shelves there, but I can't get to them that easily. I told Bri he is going to have to cut a whole in the one wall and I'll put curtains there.
    You are very organized-that is a blessing in itself!

  7. It won't let me switch over either and says my blog is too big like it did you. So, when they figure that out, we'll hold hands and switch together!

  8. My Gosh,Zoey! I have never checked how long folks have been blogging, but this is your second year!
    This is my fifth month! Well, I hate to tease you, but my skinny little blog had no trouble switching over.
    Have you tried the South Blog Diet, or Blog Watchers?
    hee-hee, I crack myself up!!

  9. Wow !! You got it all packed away very nicely!! We haven't even started taking anything down!!

  10. I'm out of breath watching you take down all your beautiful decorations. ;p

  11. Hi Zoey, Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and thanks for sharing a gorgeous holiday at your blog. Looks like it was wonderful! Your basement looks like my upstairs! I did manage to donate some items last year in an attempt to de-clutter my mess upstairs.

  12. Hi Zoey, just HAD to comment when I read about your pink tree! I've had a pink tree for over the last 25 years, but have had to 'search out' new lights every 10 years or so~they're pink also. Like you, I get 'into' Christmas trees~my newest one this year was a Madigras tree, and I also have a smaller one I use in my powder room that's decorated in red and leopard print.

    Now i'm off to read the rest of your blog.........


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