Monday, December 4, 2006

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  1. Oh Zoey that looks so warm and inviting. Just want to snuggle up with a warm cup of hot chocolate, watch the snow fall and listen to carols playing softly in the background. Hold on, I have to add that I would be waiting there in great anticipation for some wonderful meal you would be creating in the kitchen. I can smell it now, lol. TWT

  2. Oh Zoey, that is just wonderful. All your hard work paid off!

  3. How about a hot dog thrown in a bun and nuked for 60 seconds? That's about all the energy I have had for cooking tonight! I did spend a bit of time sitting out there wrapping gifts and making the candy cup.

    Hi Karen, Thank you so much.

  4. How very beautiful and warm...I love it Zoey!! I want to come over to see everything!! hehe

  5. Mmmm. The payoff was well worth the effort. Absolutely Norman Rockwell.

    You are amazing.

  6. This is beautiful Zoey! And I love your ribbon idea as well as the little cup gift!



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