Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Woodland Father Christmas

While DH is putting the big tree together, I decided to unpack this guy.

I've always liked his face. He looks so unkept and cold as one would expect to look if living in a snowy woodland. On his back he carries the snowshoes that assist him in getting through the snowdrifts.

To one side he has a big basket of nuts.

He is a friend to all wildlife as evidenced by this snow-frosted bird sitting calmly atop another basket.

DH is calling me. He wonders if I want to "make it easier" by fluffing out all the branches now as he inserts them into the tree base.

Make it easier on whom? HE is the one who is supposed to be fluffing it out as he puts it together (which I just told him). If I intended to do the fluffing, I may as well have put it all together myself!

Geez, I mean, how hard is it to stick the unfluffed branch into each hole? I've already done the fluffing on 8 other trees. (big rolling of my eyes here)
Off I go to help the poor dear.


  1. LOL I've got the rolling of the eyes downpat by now with mine! Oh wow I just love your woodland Father Christmas! I've never seen one quite like that and I love the effect of the snow on him!! xox

  2. He surely does look like he lives where it`s cold! I like him :)


  3. Hey, he looks like a few of my neighbors up here in the frozen north!

  4. What an interesting fellow that Woodland Father Christmas is. I feel like grabbing my scissors and giving him a haircut though. (Good thing he's not mine.)


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