Friday, December 15, 2006

My Poor 'Puter is Sick

It spent last night in the 'puter hospital.

Unfortunately it's disease cannot be cured without spending $400.00 minimum. It is sad as it was only 3 years old in November, but that's about 99 in computer years. I decided that $400 was too much to spend and paid him $75 and brought it back home.

I don't want to get a new one until Windows Vista is out for at least six months. So I will have to struggle along until at least next fall.

I have quite a problem with sites that have music or videos...they take FOREVER to come up and sometimes don't even come up at all.

I must say I was pretty lost without my computer last night and this morning. I stayed in bed an extra hour this morning because there was nothing to get up for! It's amazing how these machines are in control of our lives.


  1. OH NO. How will we be able to keep up with what you are doing?? I hate it when the computer acts up,we really have let them come into our lives in a big way. I hate to talk on the phone but I can spend hours on the computer.
    Take care,

  2. Computer are great until they aren't working the way you think the should!! Good Luck!

  3. You're right that we have become so dependent on these machines. I use mine for so much, and I'm sure you do too!
    (banking, email, recipes, photos, music, and, of course...blogging)
    Hope yours lasts the 6 months you want it to!

  4. I think you are smart to wait but don't know how you can do it. If you're lucky you can pick up someone's cast off to hold you until you get your nice new spiffy machine. Right now you could probably get a brand new computer for $400 (especially if you don't need a new monitor) with all the Christmas sales. Of course they are all dumping their non-Vista-compatible inventory. Sigh. At least you'll have plenty of time to do research so as to get the most bang for your buck. My son is a certified computer repair technician and he is impressed with some of the deals at

  5. Are you using it right now, or is it gone?
    Our computer is 4 yrs old and we get knocked off IE all the time because of videos and music. I can hardly look at Pea's blog most of the time because she has a few things my puter doesn't like.
    It says our problem is 'add-ons'. Now if you know what they all are, you get an A+.
    I heard Foxfire is a good browser. I am getting fed up with IE.
    Good luck!

  6. Sorry to hear about your computer problems:-( I had no internet for a full day and I thought I'd go nuts! lol Shoot, I have music and videos on my blog so I guess you're having a really hard time with mine...I know Dianne has a hard time with it too. I use the Firefox browser most of the time and have no problems.

  7. Sorry that your computer is ill. Would a get-well card help? I hope it gets better soon - can't have you sleeping in just because there are no blogs to read ... tut, tut.


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