Monday, January 16, 2006

Warning - Gross Post - Don't Read If You Have a Weak Stomach

Our hotel does a lot of business with hockey teams – high school, peewee, and even semi professional. Almost every weekend we have 3 or more teams staying with us.

It’s a tough way to make a buck.

You expect kids to be a bit rambunctious, but many (not all) of these kids are out of control. A good portion of the parents let them run wild through the halls, knocking pucks against the walls, ripping the numbers off the doors, knocking on doors while people are sleeping, then running away…we have had them fill the bathtub with water and put all the pillows in to get soaked…that is if they have left any pillows in the room (they are fond are stealing them). Last weekend 6 blankets were stolen, two lamps were broken,a number of bath towels were missing, and two rooms left numerous barf piles.

That’s a typical hockey weekend. We are used to it. We grit our teeth and bear it.

This weekend one of the little angels went too far.

We were not aware until a few hours after check out.

Another guest checked in early & had the misfortune of getting the hockey room.

After being in the room for a short while, the unspecting guest called down to complain of an unpleasant smell in the bathroom and said when he flushed the toilet, the water was a brownish color.

Our maintenance man went up to investigate.

If you are thinking, gross, disgusting thoughts, then you probably guessed it.

Our maintenance guy pulled off the top of the water tank and it was FULL of feces!

Evidently the teenager thought it would be funny to get on the top of the toilet seat, remove the tank lid, squat over it and defecate. Then he put the top back on, packed his bags and left for home.

I hope that hockey player's team did not win the tournament.

Why, you wonder, didn't the housekeeper notice the aroma and take care of it before the next guest arrived? Good question.

I am wondering the same.

I will bet that question will be a hot topic of conversation at our Wed. staff meeting.


  1. Boy would I like to be a fly on the wall at that staff Seriously, after working as a cleaner at a small motel here, nothing surprises me anymore. How people behave like that is beyond me - what are they like at home and how would they act if someone behaved like that in their home or business? The mind boggles. Hope the rest of your day was better.

  2. Why can't I resist a post with a warning in the title? That's the real question...

    That is so disgusting!

  3. Nasty, nasty!
    Our fancy hotel in Orlando was really cool (Hard Rock Cafe) until I kept smelling something. I think a pet had piddled next to the bed! Why would they let someone stay in a carpeted room with a dog? We should have moved, but we were there for less than a week, all unpacked and they stuck us down a long corridor. They heard about it in a commentary, at the desk and on the phone.

  4. Ah, Calidore, if you have worked in a motel, then you probably have many "people-are-pigs" stories yourself. I can't tell you how many times I have just shaken my head in disgust when housekeepers are relating their tales to me. They really should be paid MUCH MORE.
    Sabine, I love your new profile picture - you look like one sexy babe!
    Dianne, we allow pets in our hotel,too. I don't agree with that policy, but I am not the boss -- Although when you come right down to it, the animals are much easier to clean up after than the sports teams.

  5. I think one of the reasons people are like that is the same reason people feel free to flame each other on the internet: anonymity. Most people when they are in a hotel or motel room are not in their hometown, so they feel they can do things they wouldn't normally do and "no one" will know. Yeah, no one they know will know. I wonder if your employer has a policy about repeat offenders. If a youth group that left a mess last year wants to reserve rooms this year, do they have to pay an additional deposit to cover damages? I have heard of some places doing this. In fact, I remember our high school class being strictly warned about not causing damage because it would mean a bill for our parents!

  6. I worked in a hotel for years and we did hockey teams too. We dreaded hockey season. I think they should be billed for damage and for extra cleaning time.


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