Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cruising down the canal--and I'm not in Venice

I finally got to see the dentist.

It turns out the problem had nothing to do with the gum recession (good news for all of you who seem to have the same problem!).

There is an infection in the tooth which flared up as it was working its way into the bone. The tooth has died, but the infection is still there. He gave me an antibiotic to fight that.

The next step is a root canal (doesn’t that sound like fun?) to get all of the infection out of the tooth. Then a crown.

Don't ask me why a dead tooth needs all this attention. Evidently even a dead tooth is worth saving. I don't understand it all, but I trust that my dentist will lead me down the right path (or should I say canal?):)

I just went to Walmart to get the prescription filled. While waiting, I found these little treasures in the 75% mark down aisle. Eight napkins and an animal print flower vase shaped like a purse. How cute is that? If only I had some animal-print dishes, I could do a safari-themed table.

Hmmmm....I do have black dishes that just might look cute with the vase filled with tree branches......and my new gold charger plates that Santa brought me. Oh, I do love new table accessories!


  1. That dental business doesn't sound like anything to look forward to, but at least now you know what the problem is, and have a prescription to take care of the infection. Sometimes I find the worst thing about any medical symptom is not knowing what is going on.

  2. Horray that at last you know what is going on with your tooth. My dentist tried talk me into root canal work, instead I had the tooth pulled out. Far less painful on both me and my purse...lol. I hope you are felling better soon.

    PS LOVE the vase - you do find the nicest things.

  3. You certainly sound better. I've had two root canals and they weren't that bad. Glad it's getting taken care of. Too bad you had to wait so long though.
    BTW-love those 75% off sales too! Cute purchases.

  4. zoey, so glad you are going to try to save the tooth. hope it works. mom

  5. Glad you're feeling better, Zoey, (and able to eat a whole chocolate bar (above)... lol. Hope the treatment works and isn't too painful. Seems to be quite a common procedure these days, although I've not had it done.


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