Sunday, January 15, 2006

Black and Gold Tablescape

My inspiration for this table was the Wally's World vase I found last week on the clearance table.

My first thought upon seeing the vase,was an animal-print themed table, but I had to work with what I already owned, and there was nothing in a safari theme.

So I begun with the basic gold chargers, black octagon plates and the vase (I opted to not use a tablecloth this time as I thought the wood went well with the vase):

Ho hum, yawn, BLAH.........
Off to hunt for a little spice...

These Tiara dishes that I collect will add a little spice as salad plates.

Now what will I use for glasses?
I pulled out quite an assortment that might work:

I really love the gold ones, but decided that the black stems worked better.
So I set the entire table with them.
(Only to decide later that I did not like them after all -- it was too much black once I added the black napkins). So I ended up using glasses different from any of those above (you will see them later).

I went down to my basement stash of goodies and found my basket of branches (yes, I keep branches around as I use them all the time). I used these same branches on my Christmas tree - they were sticking out around the candy cane topper. Branches are indispensable additions to floral arranging (fresh or fake). They're a "good thing" (as Miss Martha would say).

I know you are saying, "What in the world are those black blobs next to the vase?"

I used to collect a lot of things and one of those things was women's gloves. Don't ask me why - I just liked them.

So while rummaging around for something else, I stumbled upon these long black gloves. I thought they were appropriate since the vase is a woman's handbag.

I entwined the fingers around the little bud vases holding a couple of last week's flowers that still look decent.
The little gem thing on top of the gloves is actually a floating candle which is clear with gold flecks in it. (I just needed a bit of sparkle on the black).

So that is the process I go through to set a table. Basically it's just trial and error. I find it a fun thing to do.

Here is the completed table with larger, heavier gold glasses.

Now I am off to cook - cheeseburger soup and beef roast. The soup is for later in the week.


  1. Very clever! I think you should submit this one to a decorating magazine. : )

  2. Thank you, Dianne. You are so kind.


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