Tuesday, January 3, 2006

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Have you already told us how you are miraculously quilting denim? You must have really great thimbles!!
# posted by Brit : 6:33 PM

Well, Brit, I started quilting with a leather thimble.
About 6 weeks ago the darn thing came up missing. I hope it turns up some day because I really liked it, though not for the denim. I had to pull out my old metal thimbles and they actually seem to work better.

I can only take one or two stitches at a time and they are certainly not blue ribbon winning stitches!

As you might imagine, it is nearly impossible to get nice stitches.

Also I keep switching the thimble between the middle finger, the pointer finger and the thumb! The darn thing is too big, which is actually a good thing, because with my long nails I can't really wear one properly anyway. So usually I hold the thimble in my mouth, put a couple stitches on the needle, pull it out of my mouth and stick it on a finger and push like he**! to get through the thickness. LOL.

It isn't a pretty sight, that's for sure. But it's working and I am very, very happy that it is nearly done!!

Thank you for your interest, Brit. Only another quilter would appreciate what a big accomplishment it will be to finish handquilting this monster.

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