Sunday, January 8, 2006

Thanks to all who voiced sympathy over the toothache. It got worse each day last week until I finally had to take pain killer pills, which took the pain away, but made me very sleepy.

I pretty much went to work, came home and slept. It was actually bad enough to warrant a sick day or two for any normal person, but where I work we do not take sick days unless we have one foot in the coffin. Three years ago I missed two days due to illness. That's about it for the past five years.

Actually it was a good thing I went to work because that is where I got the pain pills. Yes, someone else's prescription, but I was desperate.

In my medicine cabinet there is nothing but nail polish.

DH and I have been very fortunate in that we have been healthy and take no medications.

The toothache is still with me, though not as intense as it was (I have not had to take any of the pills in two days). I will find out more Tuesday when I see the dentist.

In the meantime, life goes on.

This is the second weekend that I have stayed home the full two days. I have not really accomplished much...very little cleaning (even though there is plenty of it to do). I did work on my denim quilt and am happy to report that it is done. I finished binding it today.

I chose a striped denim fabric to make the binding and I think it turned out to be a nice it just a little zip.

I was inspired to update the cobalt blue dining table today when I received this very bright bouquet of flowers.

I would have never considered cobalt blue, orange, and lime green. But when I plopped the flowers onto the table, I thought it must be an interesting twist to the table.

So I spent just a little time digging through my stuff to find green and orange things to use on the table. This is what I came up with (did not have bright orange, so I had to settle for rusty orange).

I used these wooden watering cans to hold the napkins

It was fun to do and something different to look at until the flowers die.


  1. Oh gee Zoey,
    So sorry about your teeth and that you had to take pain pills.I hope the dentist finds a solution that will clear that up for you. Have you gone to the dentist before this week coming up?
    Your table looks charming as usual. Funny thing, I bought myself some sunny yellow flowers the other day. We are longing for our gardens I guess.

  2. Thanks, Dianne. No, I could not go last week because he was on vacation. Just my luck!

  3. I like the binding a lot...looks like old ticking...very nice.

  4. Sorry about the tooth. You've got me concerned about my own now. I have been having serious sensitivity in one tooth for about three weeks now - but I don't have insurance!!

    Great creativity with the table and I love the quilt.

  5. The quilt looks great. Glad to hear you are getting in to see the dentist, hope it all works out OK for you.


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