Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Customer Service?

I got a letter today from my new (since Sept.) DSL service inviting me to call their customer care line if I had any problems. They noted that this was the second letter they had sent me and they want to know if there is anything they can do to make their service better.

Since changing to them I have not been getting comment alerts from Blogger, nor have I been getting automatic updates from Norton. Both worked just fine until I changed.

So I thought I may as well call them and see what they can do.

I waited on hold for 17 minutes. Jill finally came on the line. I spent about 3 minutes telling her my problems. She said she had to put me on hold for just a second while she wrote down my problems and then came back and said, "Our tech support will be able to help you. I will transfer you now."

**big inward groan****
What is Jill? I assumed she WAS tech support!
If she is the receptionist, why didn't she tell me before I spent 3 minutes telling her all my problems?

Back on hold I go. It didn't take too long and Brian came on the line. "Your phone number please,", he asks. I tell him.

"Your address?"

Oh, for Pete's sakes, I just told all of this to Jill. I pleasantly give Brian the same info.

"What can I help you with?" he says.

I let out an audible sigh, "What happened to all the info I just told Jill that she wrote down?"

Brian said, "Oh," like he was confused, "Let me put you on hold."

I let out a tiny shriek, I want to scream, "For God's sake DON'T put me on hold again!".

Instead I say quite nicely, "Never mind. I will tell it all to you all over again."

And I do...it takes a bit longer this time as he asks me questions like, "Blog, what?"

At this point I am not too optimistic.
He's a tech guy and does not seem to have ever heard of a blog.
"You mean these blog people want to...like... instant message you?"

Bigger GROAN from me........I try to explain to him how Blogger sends me an email when a person comments, but since switching to his service, this does not work. It worked perfectly fine right up to the day I made the change. I ask him if maybe they have some security setting that prevents the messages coming through from Blogger.com.

"O.K.", he says. "Let me check."

And just like that, HE PUTS ME ON HOLD AGAIN.

To his credit, he came back rather quickly.

"I am sorry but we can't help you with either problem. You will have to contact Norton and Blogger."

"I have already contacted Blogger and they said the problem was not with them." I almost laugh out loud as I know I am doomed.

"Well, we just provide a DSL line connection. What you do after that is up to you and them."

"Thank you, Brian. Have a good evening."

So much for customer service.


  1. Does the DSL company start with a 'C'? I can't tell you how many issues I've had with them. The second bill was outrageous and I was on the phone at least 25 minutes getting that straightened out. Their voice over internet isn't that great. My mom gets an 'all circuits busy' message most of the time she tries to call me.
    I would go in formatting, take off what you have there. Clean the cache. Go back in and put in the info. Just make sure you have your email address correctly in all blogger areas (profile and format?)
    Do you have a spam folder too in your email? Sometimes my email ends up in there and I half forget about it.
    Good luck.

  2. I know what you mean. I dread calling tech support. You always get a canned response telling you to try the most basic things, which you had already tried, which was why you were calling them. I think it is because all the truly competent tech people can earn far more money than what most firms want to pay people to man the help desk. The only thing worse is finally getting off hold, only to be helped by someone who can't speak English clearly enough to help you. One time I was on hold so long the battery in my cordless phone wore out before I got helped!

  3. No, Dianne. Not "C". But it does rhyme with "C". LOL.

    I know exactly what you mean, Kathy. Dell is famous for the tech support people that you can't understand. I had to call them a few times when I first got my computer.

  4. Not only is the part of being put on hold annoying so is the music. I spent 14 years doing insurance and our goverment auto provider played the same on hold music for all 14 years.

  5. LOL, CG, Same music for 14 years!!???
    I hate the music, too.
    I didn't get any music, just the "Our customers are very important to us. We promise to give you the attention you deserve, please keep holding....blah blah".
    About every 60 seconds, the same message...I guess, that is just as bad as the music.


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